Making a fluffy skirt for girls. I want to share with you a master class on sewing skirt. I’ll sew a skirt for the girl with a volume of 55 cm waist, hips 62 cm, length 20 cm (you, of course, its size will be the same).


To do this you will need:

  • 1 meter tulle with a width of 1.5 meters to the top of the skirt
  • 1 meter for satin petticoat and belt
  • 50 cm 2.5 cm wide elastic bands
  • 10 meters of oblique Bakey
  • The thread in the color of the material



1. Take tulle, down 2 times, rascherchivaem it on the strip width 15cm + 1cm = 16cm allowance. As a result, you get five bands in width 16 cm length 1.5 m:


2. Sew strips together, resulting in a long strip of 7.5 m, a width of 16 cm:

3. I decided edge skirts process piping, because it is due to her, she is very beautiful holds its shape. Therefore, basting oblique Bakey and pritachivaem to the edge of the skirt:

4. grind 7.5 meter strip in the ring:


5. On the machine set the lower thread tension 0, then you must defer Island 2 parallel lines on the edge to be sewn to the belt:


should receive the following:


6. Pull the line …. get the upper skirt, which is put aside:

7. Take the atlas to cut the bottom of the skirt. Fold the fabric in four yubki- sun to cut length of 20 cm, the radius of the belt will also be 20 cm plus 2 cm allowance for pritachivaniya skirt to the waist and hem:


8. From the same satin Let us explain to cut out a rectangle of length 60-70 cm, width 12 cm, the bonding interlining:

9. grind box-belt into the ring, after leaving place a length of 2, 5 cm for further threading gum (marked in red):

10. Fold the ring along the wrong side consumed, priutyuzhivaem from the fold line give 2.5 cm for threading elastic bands. it turns out:

11. Belt ready more to one side of the belt petticoat previously stoned or impaling folds, if necessary:

12. In the same way skirt of tulle, gum belt and we turned skirt:

This skirt can be different to decorate: satin ribbons, flowers and bows.
I took a flower and sew it to the belt skirt:




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