Sew a dress to a girl with her own hands. In front of so many wonderful holidays, including New Year. The most time to think about how to dress your little princess. And not necessarily for the New Year sewn tinsel, glitter and the like. Enough to make a festive dress. In addition, it can be put on and on any other holiday, and brilliant – only once a year. This has its own benefits. After all, kids grow up so fast, and put on a thing only once very disappointing. Therefore, I propose the idea of ​​festive dresses for all occasions. Sew it is not as difficult as it seems, the main desire, commitment and creativity. I chose a rather unusual combination of colours – purple and blue. But oddly enough, they are well in tune with each other. You can take any desired range that will appeal to you and your daughter. PS I apologize for the quality of the photo, which is slightly different fabric, sewing, and day and night, so the hue in daylight and artificial light is very different.


You will need

  • Main fabric, thick – the size of the child;
  • Fabric for the second layer, any light, transparent;
  • Thread;
  • Castle “lightning”

Remove the key measurements per child: chest, abdomen, and the length from the shoulder to the waist. Chest and abdomen is not measured in tight, and in the free state. We add here and there by 4 cm at the seams. Cut the rectangle.


Cut it in half so that then sew the sides. Fold in half again and cut the armpit. Cutting height as well be guided by the size of the child to dress afterwards nowhere pinch and do not rub. What it will be free, the better.


Cut the neck.


Both are stitched, double-tucking the edges.


Behind the middle of doing a cut and carefully sewn lock. If you do not want to lock, you can dress and leave the case, then a pre-made wider neck to calm the baby’s head was held. But I am more inclined to a comfortable dressing and taking pictures of clothes on a child. (Unfortunately not find the lock in the colour of the fabric, sew had such a house was, as to go to the store was no longer possible, eventually plan to alter a suitable).


Top on the time put aside, took her skirt. I in most cases choose to skirt the sun. This is the easiest and proven way, besides it looks very nice. To do this, cut the flat square. The calculation is as follows: if the length of the skirt of the child shall be 25 inches, then 25 is multiplied by two. Next, measure the waist. For example, it is 50 centimeters. So we divide 50 by 4, we get 12.5 inches. This should get the diameter of the inner circle. Total 50 + 12.5 + 4 (at the seams) = 66.5 cm. So our square is 66.5 by 66.5 cm. Determine the center. From this point of making a mark in a circle. Internal approximately 6.25 cm (range), external to 33.25 cm.


Cut along the marks.


Exactly the same “donut” cut out of sheer fabric.


The main neatly folded the hem and sewn on the bottom. Sew circle without folds very hard, so please be patient and take your time. Do everything slowly and carefully, to avoid having to unpick. As one wrong move – and all will go to warp.


A transparent skirt also stitched at the bottom, and then do six marks at regular intervals. At each mark from the bottom to the middle of sews “accordion”.


When they will have six, you get a pretty flower.


Between each petals we need to sew the bow. For this we take a rectangle 10 * 15 centimeters. Fold it in half and sewn on the sides.


gut-wrenching, sews the open part of pre-edge tucked inside. Another seam in the middle of doing.


Pull a single thread and gather in the centre of the accordion. Wrap it with thread and is tied behind the bow. Such we need to do six.


Each bow sew the hem between the petals, where did the fold.


If you attach to the main hem, it turns out something like this.


Then we add our two blanks together and sew to the finished top. Let me draw your attention to the fact that on the idea of ribbons should be placed as follows: one flat on each side and two at the front and rear. On request, they can sew in a chaotic manner.


But still in the plans was to sew a dress, so it’s time to think about the sleeves.


To do this, measure the handle of the child. Decide on the length of the sleeves and measure the diameter of the finished top (between a shoulder and armpit). Cut two long strips. Width – the length of the sleeves, I turned it 12 centimetres. I had a diameter of 30 cm, so I took a long streak of 65 cm. Do not forget the seams, take a little more.


One side is sewn in a loose accordion, so that the final length became a centimetre longer required diameter of the sleeve.


Because of the sheer fabric and cut two strips. The length must be the same, and the width is slightly smaller 7-8 centimetres


Fold it in half, cut edges are putting it to the second edge of the foundations of the sleeves and sewn very thick accordion. Then wrap it seams and sews again


As a result, this region is supposed to be slightly smaller than the previous one.


sleeve is sewn into place and sew the edges together, the seam should be placed at the bottom, just under the armpit, so it will be virtually unnoticeable.


Second Hand sew as the first time and just sew it.


Our dress is ready! I was able to realize his idea into reality, and you too will succeed. The main desire and patience. Do not worry if things do not turn out right. Fill my ideas and create your own unique masterpiece. I wish you a pleasant crafts and Little Princess – illuminate the world with its beauty.


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Beautiful Handmade Dress for girls

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