How to make recycled cardboard table – Craft tutorial.

This neat multi-purpose cardboard table that dubs as a magazine holder and front desk. It’s made entirely from recycled cardboard and therefore it’s not only socially conscious but entirely recyclable.

12 (533x395, 106Kb)

All the more common on the Internet of cardboard furniture. It turns out very strong and looks good. See a small workshop for the production of table

13 (544x332, 70Kb)

14 (540x409, 100Kb)

15 (538x362, 92Kb)

16 (522x496, 105Kb)

17 (534x381, 89Kb)

18 (533x420, 77Kb)

19 (540x393, 93Kb)

20 (527x402, 103Kb)

22 (536x363, 100Kb)

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Courtesy: dikulya67