The dream of each summer resident is a combination of the external appeal of the decoration for the garden with its functionality. It is such an adaptation is a windmill made of plastic bottles. A windmill made by own hands will not only transform the site, but it will also serve as an excellent repeller for birds and moles. It is quite simple and inexpensive to make such an article. The raw material is available to everyone: plastic bottles, scissors, clerical knife, glue gun – this is practically the complete set of everything you need to work on making a mill.

Spinner for scaring birds and moles

The fastest and easiest to make is a windmill-pinwheel. For the craft, no additional materials and devices will be needed. The windmill does not need a motor or batteries, because it works from a natural source of power – wind. It is enough just to prepare a plastic bottle, scissors with sharp ends and a rod or stick, on which the windmill will hold.


  • Prepare a bottle of water or a drink: rinse inside and remove the top label. Screw the cover on top.
  • At the top of the bottle, use scissors 4 windows and bend the cut out parts outwards. Should be so-called blades.
  • On the bottom cut a round hole, the diameter of which should be slightly larger than the stick-base, which will be put on the windmill. This is necessary for the
  • mill to be free to rotate from the wind blowing.
  • Insert a stick near the fruit tree, from which you should scare off annoying ptah, or beds, which are attacked by moles. Put on the bottle with slots.

From the breath of even a small wind, the bottle will start spinning on a stick and create sounds that can scare away birds and rodents.

Bright mills for summer cottages
The work will need the following:

  • plastic bottles – 2 pieces;
  • covers from bottles – 4 pieces;
  • large beads – 3 pieces;
  • scissors;
  • glue gun;
  • thick wire;
  • stationery knife;
  • pliers.

    Instructions for a mill made of plastic bottles

  • Prepare the bottles for work (rinse and clean from labels). Unscrew the covers.
    Cut the bottles in half. There should be 4 blanks. The work requires only the lower parts.
  • In the cut lower half, make an incision and continue in a circle to cut out the same blade width. Similarly, cut the second part.
  • Cut the corners on each of the blades.
  • Unbend the cut pieces and bend them at an angle of 45 degrees.

  • Make holes in the middle of the bottom and caps of the same diameter. Holes can be drilled with a drill or made with a red-hot nail.
  • That the windmill was bright color and effectively stood out on a site, details can be painted with acrylic paints or an aerosol from a spray can.
  • After the paint dries, you can start assembling the windmill. Glue with a glue gun 2 covers to the bottom of the bottle from different sides (top and bottom). Make sure that the holes match.
  • Fold the end of the wire and thread the bead. If the diameter of the bead is too small, then increase it with a drill.
  • Next, put the wire on the wire in the following order: blades with glued lids, bead, again blades and beads.
    From the free end of the wire, bend the loop, which will help fix the put on parts.

The windmill is ready! Do several similar colored crafts and arrange around the perimeter of the site – this will not only beautify the garden, but also emphasize the creative approach of the owners.

The Great Mill

In large areas, it will be beneficial to look at the design of multi-colored plastic bottles with a flat bottom. If multicolored bottles are not available, you can paint ordinary white or transparent plastic containers with paint from the can. Only after the paint has completely dried, the bottles will be suitable for further work.

First you need to determine how many blades will be at the windmill. In this case, a bottle with six blades will require 7 bottles. Color containers are cut in half, leaving on one of the halves the neck – it is this part with the upper part that will be useful for further work. Equal pieces of metal wire pass through the halves of bottles and fix it on a vertical base not too tightly, so that the structure can rotate under the influence of wind. The original craft, capable of decorating the garden, ready!

With very little effort and imagination, you can make an unusual and useful decor for your garden!

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