Almost in the childhood from grandmothers and grandfathers practically all, for certain, heard that in each house lives a house. Many just grinned, listening to such stories, others believed, and this explained many of the events taking place in the house, and some continue to believe in the existence of a house-servant to this day. It is believed that the house-spirit is the so-called home spirit. He lives in every house (hence the name) and protects the owners from various troubles and troubles. The housekeeper in her own way follows the order, protects the dwelling from various shocks. True, the eyes of the owners of the house are practically not shown, but only invisibly guardians of the home, showing concern for the prosperity, peace and harmony in the house.

There is a belief that a house-cook can even be appeased, leaving sweets and buns for the night in a prominent place. But the dwelling, which the housekeeper for some reason left, can comprehend a series of troubles and problems.

But you can always return luck and success – the keeper of home comfort in the house can be done with your own hands! It is believed that the housekeeper is like an old man with a long beard and a kind smile. Taking advantage of one of the proposed master classes, you can make your house-spirit and thereby attract wealth and love to your home. Together with the housekeeper, made by own hands, quarrels and grievances will disappear, and evil and envious people can never deliver unnecessary troubles and troubles.

From empty tin cans from coffee or tea, you can make cute housewives who, with their own appearance, can decorate the kitchen and attract wealth to the house. The handicraft is quite simple to manufacture and will not take you much time. In joint work, you can invite children – they will happily join in the joint manufacture of domestic dolls.

Step-by-step instruction for crafting

  • Take a tin can from coffee (tea) and wrap it with linen hemp. To ensure that the winding does not untwist, cover the edges of the hemp with a thermo-pistol.
  • From woolen threads make a brush with long ends, tie the upper edge (this will be the nose) and fluff the tips (beard).
  • Glue the woolen part to the body, wrapped in hemp.
  • Cover the nose with plastic eyes.
  • The hat is made on the basis of the lid, wrapped in a colored twine. A small artificial flower can be glued to the side.

The keeper of the home is ready! Such an article can be used not only as an ornament, but also as a casket for storing various trifles.

Demo for beginner needlewomen

Make your keeper home comfort can be of absolutely simple and accessible materials.


  • a small scrap of burlap;
  • thread and needle;
  • twine;
  • soft filler (cotton wool or sintepon);
  • plastic eyes;
  • Super glue.

A detailed master-class on making a brownie

  • Take a square scrap of burlap and stitch “forward the needle”, sew a circle on the fabric. In the middle, put a small piece of cotton.
  • Pull the thread and bend the edges of the shredder inward. Should be a blank that resembles a ball.
  • From the threads make a whisk and paste the beards in place. Top up your eyes.
  • From the twine (linen thread), bind or weave the legs, handles and shoes. Sew them or fix them with glue.
    Now decorate your brownie: put on his hat, give a flower in hand.

Such an article can be used not only as a home-made amulet, but also as a toy for a children’s game.

Famous animated fairytale hero Kuzya is loved by more than one generation of kids. We suggest sewing the self-righteous cheerful Kuzka at home.

For the manufacture of the craft, prepare the following materials and tools:

  • body cloth homemade (coarse white color);
  • soft filler (a small piece of sintepon or cotton wool);
  • material for clothing (dark-colored fabric for pants and colored for a shirt);
  • white or beige yarn (for making hair);
  • tailor chalk or simple pencil;
  • acrylic paints and a thin brush;
  • sewing machine (for lack of the last details of the toy can be stitched and manually).

Description of work

  • First, you need to make paper patterns for the pattern. Proposed schemes print on a sheet of white paper in A4 format.
  • Cut out the details along the contour.
  • Now attach the paper templates to the underside of the fabric folded in two,
  • sketch with chalk and cut out as many details as indicated.
  • Sew the parts along the contour. In order to avoid unnecessary wrinkles after
  • twisting, cut the excess fabric along the edges with figured scissors or make small incisions.
  • You can unscrew the workpieces with a wooden skewer or stacks.
  • We begin to stuff the details of the toy. To the head of the housekeeper was more even, it should be filled with a sintepon very tightly. The edges of the details are left loose so that you can easily sew together. We pin by means of needles and sew by hand.
  • For the nose we take a circle from the fabric along the edge, put a small piece of cotton wool in the middle and tighten it.
  • We pull the thread and sew it to the head. With a simple pencil draw the eyes and mouth.
  • Paint the face of the housekeeper Kuzi
  • Now we sew clothes for the toy. From a bright red material, cut out a shirt on a pattern, and from a dark one – a panty. We sew the button with the top of the shirt.
  • We put on our pants and sew on the top on the tummy and on the bottom.
  • Top with a shirt on.
    Sew the head by hand with a hidden seam.
  • Hair do as follows: on a book or a sheet of cardboard we reel white threads. Carefully remove the winding, overlay a sheet of paper and stitch it on the
  • machine in the middle (thread along with the paper).
  • After that, on one of the half of the stitched hair, make 2 seams and cut into
  • several pieces. Obtained blanks of hair stitched behind the head.
  • We start from below with shorter hair. From above we sew long hair in a circle, beginning with a bang. We finish sewing the hair on the vertex. We comb back first, and then distribute them for parting.
  • From the twine we weave little bobbins, we put on the legs a house-weed and tie it.

Kuzenka is ready! To the brownie was pleased, give him a large wooden spoon in his hands. Such a toy, made by own hands, is not a shame to give to relatives and acquaintances for a housewarming party. The little house can help save peace and harmony in the house!

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