Rangoli has been a part of traditions in cultures for a long time and during Diwali, its importance only increases. A beautiful picture on the floor, usually found on the entrance to the welcoming house of guests. Rangoli drawing takes patience though; It is a labor of love. Not everyone is blessed with stable hands and creative nature to make a piece of art on the floor; This does not mean that you have to pay attention to the happiness of decorating your home. We have some handy Freehand rangoli designs for you, so you do not have to worry about being Picasso!

latest freehand rangoli design 2018 l navarathri special rangolis l Diwali special rangoli designs | Rangoli by Sneha J – Video Tutorial

Flower designs with bright colorful powder will never go out of flares for Diwali decoration. They are here for the eons and here to stay for a long time. Floral designs are not only easy but also eye-catching and attractive.

Multicolour Peacock Rangoli Design

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