Designing Rangoli is the right practice, but with a steady hand and a little patience it can be done by anyone. We love the fact that these colors can make any boring place vibrant and there are a billion designs that you can choose from. But we also know that there are not many supporters in Rangoli’s tough designs. So we have collected some simple but attractive designs to try you all. We know that some may seem difficult but they can be tampered with whatever they feel. Use any of these designs or just use them as your inspiration and create a new design to decorate your home.

Easy and attractive rangoli design | Rangoli by Sneha J – Video Tutorial

This is a Super easy creative rangoli design or pattern. you can re create this during any festive seasons like diwali. This type of excellence required some practice and eager sense of scale, ratio and color sensitivity.

Beautiful & Easy Rangoli Designs for Diwali

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