Craft a cheerful paper broom and sun in this easy-to-follow tutorial. A fun, creative project for all ages.

Get ready to embark on a delightful craft adventure that combines the radiance of the sun with the charm of a paper broom. In this step-by-step tutorial, we’ll guide you through the process of creating a captivating paper broom and sun craft that will bring a touch of whimsy to your day.

Paper Broom and Sun Craft Tutorial For Kids

Simple Paper Broom & Sun Craft Step By Step Tutorial

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Supplies & Tools

  • Sheet (Green, Yellow, Red)
  • Glue
  • Scissor
  • Paper Strips (Yellow, Orange, Brown, Blue)
  • Black marker
  • Some Colorful Sprinkles

Simple Paper Broom & Sun Craft Instructions

Step #1: Initialize With A Base

Initialize With A Base

Take a green sheet as a base then, take a yellow strip and add glue at one side end of that yellow strip.

Step #2: Paste Ends Of The Strips

Paste Ends Of The Quarrels

Now, paste both ends with each other of the yellow strips.

Step #3: Paste It In The Background

Paste It In The Background

Paste the folded yellow strip on the green sheet accordingly.

Step #4: Repeat The Steps

Do Prepare Many Like This

Make more strips as we made above, and make two yellow, two orange, and two blue strips as same as I mentioned above.

Step #5: Take A Brown Strip

Take A Brown Quarrels

Take a brown strip fold it in the same manner and paste it at the center of the other strips.

Step #6: Paste A Titled Brown strip

Paste a brown strip to hide the distance between the other strips and the brown strip.

Step #7: Make design

Make design

Make a design on the brown strip just to make it more attractive.

Step #8: Make A Design On Titled Sheet Also

Here, we drew a design from a black marker on the horizontal brown strip.

Step #9: Add Some Sprinkle

Add Some Sprinkle  Of Colorful Sheet

Sprinkle the colorful pieces on the bottom of the sheet which should be cut in a small triangle shape.

Step #10: Add A Happy Sun

Add A Happy Sun

Now, add a happy sun to the above, at the right corner of the sheet which is made up of red happy emoji, and its background is cut in a star shape of the yellow sheet.

Step #11: Add Some Clouds

Add Some Clouds Too

Add some cloud-coded shapes with white sheets and paste them on the left side of the sheet or according to your craft.

Hurry! Easy Pape Broom Craft Is Ready!

 Congratulations!  Your Beautiful Craft Is Ready.

Finally! Our beautiful paper broom craft is ready for kids.

With this delightful paper broom and sun craft, you’ve not only created a charming piece of art but also cultivated a sense of joy and whimsy. Display your masterpiece with pride, and let it serve as a constant reminder to embrace the simple pleasures in life and let your creativity shine. Enjoy the satisfaction of this hands-on project and the happiness it will bring to all who behold it.

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