Many different rituals are followed in India such as light lamp in Diwali, by placing Tulsi trees in front of the house through auspicious signs. One of them is making Rangoli, folk art is made on the floor of the Indian Rangoli front door. Rangoli is made in courtyards to welcome the gods and guests of the Hindus, on different occasions and Deepawali, marriage, worship and many other festivals. Indian Rangoli is considered auspicious and fortunate for home and family, it is popular all over the country and there are different names in different states like Kolam in Tamilnadu, Alana in Bengal, Chowk Puja in Bihar and Madhya Pradesh.

Rangoli for Navratri Festival | Easy and Quick Rangoli Design using Bangles 2018 by Deepika – Video Tutorial

Rangoli design look great on any occasion, but sometimes we can not have the time needed to do this. That by we take this easy video tutorial for you.

Very Easy New Rangoli Design By Deepika Pant

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