You can go to any part of India and you are sure to get a great floor art-rangoli in almost every house. On every occasion, whether it is the introduction of any new project, religious ceremonies or festivals, it should be welcomed with a beautiful colorful on the floor. Even Rangoli is looking for her own way in the workplaces. As the word Rangoli means beautiful colors of colors. For those who are looking for some new Rangoli designs to decorate their destination, this is the perfect post to see. This innovative new coloroli design will make your destination lively.

Very Easy New Rangoli Design By Deepika Pant | DEEPIKA RANGOLI AND ART – Video Tutorial

Rangoli is the art of decorating the floor with beautiful patterns and filling them with color. They are mainly made by women during the festive season. You can drag them into your living room and your living room and inside your house in your courtyard in the courtyard.

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