On the eve of the New Year holidays, handicrafts men engaged in embroidery begin to look for their own ideas and schemes to create original gifts with their own hands. Different animals, symbolizing the arrival of each new year, are in great demand. This article presents options for embroidering lamb in the technique of isolating. Sheep – one of the New Year symbols, embroidered with threads can be transformed into a holiday card with wishes. Choose the appropriate idea for yourself and create with pleasure.

Lovely sheep can be sewn according to the scheme or weave a sheep from beads . It does not matter what kind of needlework you choose, most importantly their attractiveness and sympathy.

We embroider the sheep in technology to eliminate

This master class offers you an interesting option for embroidering lamb by isoniti, using original materials for this.

For work you will need:

  • yarn, which is also called “grass”;
  • wool yarn for knitting in black;
  • double-sided cardboard;
  • a thick needle;
  • pencil.
    Take the cardboard and turn it to the wrong side. Next, using a pencil draw a frame with an indent from the edge of one centimeter. Holes, which will be subsequently pierced, are indicated in small strokes at a distance of one centimeter from one another. Scheme of the lamb is selected at your discretion. On the expanses of the network there are many variants with the outlines of this animal. You just need to print the right version.

So, the chosen scheme of the sheep for embroidery in technology is to be removed, glued on the wrong side. After that marks are made for future holes, as in the photo. Next, holes are made with a thick needle or sewed along the intended points. Markings on the frame also make punctures. Before you start filling the sheep with the isonite method, you can remove the pasted template. So it is more convenient for you to conduct further work.

As a result, on the cardboard the following scheme is obtained with prepared through points for embroidering isonite. Now you can start filling the lamb with threads. Since thick threads are used for work. You can embroider the animal easily and quickly.

The first to fill the muzzle, as well as the legs with a tail of thread of black color, after which the body is worked. After the sheep is embroidered, glue her eyes. Here you can use puppet fragments or take a few tablets of activated charcoal.

At the final stage, it remains only to flash the frame, and your fluffy and voluminous lamb in technology is ready to be disinfected. As a result of using thick yarn, the original work is obtained.

Schemes with lambs for isonite

The next scheme with a sheep, does not require you to special skills isoniti and just suitable for beginner needlewomen. In work, use floss yarns, making a series of stitches, according to the markings on the template. The color of the threads may vary. Choose interesting color combinations to get beautiful thready overflows in the image with a sheep.

As a basis for creating products in the technique of isolating except cardboard, often use ordinary CD discs. Having the skills of izoniti, you can use the presented scheme, make a unique New Year’s toy on which a sheep is embroidered.

Having studied the basic ways of filling the figures with the isotone method, you can try to compose independently the diagrams with the image of lambs and other animals.

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