There are many decorations from tapes that you can make with your own hands. The technique of Kansas art is aimed precisely at creating such beauty. In the hands of skilled craftsmen, colored ribbons turn into all kinds of flowers, from which beautiful hair clips, rims , hoops, brooches, bandages, boutonniere and much more are obtained . On our site there are already many interesting examples of creating this kind of accessories. Today we will talk about dyuesches. Duscheski Kanzashes are such flowers, consisting of petals with a figured edge of a rounded shape. In themselves, they resemble peonies. The bud of the duchess is composed of petals in several tiers.One of the main advantages of such colors from ribbons, except their external beauty, is the fact that they are quite simple to make at home. After all, everyone is used to thinking that Kansas is based on folding petals with intricate geometric shapes. Therefore, dusheski – this is an excellent option for beginners, which can easily be done in a couple of evenings.

Master class on the production of duchess ribbons

Preparation for creating duchessky begins with the selection of basic materials and tools for work. So, you will need:

  • Satin ribbons of three shades (2.5 centimeters). The color of the main material you can choose on your own. It can be both related tones, and more original combinations of contrasting tapes;
  • Scissors;
  • Lighter or matches or a candle (any device that allows you to get a flame);
  • Glue;
  • Stamens (can be replaced with beads or beads);
  • Cardboard templates of the size you need.

To create the first row of dyuveski, you need to cut the ribbon into five segments, the length of four centimeters.

The next row will consist of ten satin elements, the length of which is already 4, 5 centimeters.

And the final – the third row – is five-centimeter segments in the amount of ten to fifteen pieces.

Before processing the petals, make marks on the pieces and cut the corners. This is necessary in order to have a rounded shape.

The finished item should look like the next photo.

After that, take a lighter (a match or a candle) and process the flames of the edges of the petals. During this process, you will see how the petals for the duchesses will gradually become rounded.

At the next stage, take the petals and bend it along the length (this will allow you to determine the location of the central point).

Next, on both sides form the folds, as in the photo and connect them by soldering with a cigarette lighter.

Thus, you get one petals dyusheski in Kansas style.

Based on the described scheme, actions, form the remaining, the number of petals you need.

The easiest way to assemble a flower is with an adhesive gun. Step by step, sequentially glue all the elements in the flower. In the middle you will have a hole.

The second row is assembled in checkerboard order. So gradually, in a circle, make tiers of prepared satin petals of different colors in the intervals between the petals. In the end, you will form a flower. The middle of the canvas douchies can be made from blanks of stamens or beads. They are attached to a drop of glue.

This concludes the master class. You can pick up a special mount for a dushesky Kanzash made and wear it as a brooch or barrette. It will not be difficult to find an application for such a color.

The next lesson, in the video example, will show you the step-by-step technology of creating a pretty duchesska in the form of a buttonhole with your own hands.

Video: We make doucheski-boutonniere

DIY: Make Simple Ribbon Flowers – Step by step

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