The most anticipated festival, Diwali is here and we are sure that you should be busy preparing sweets and snacks, buying new clothes and utensils, decorating your home, and wrapping gifts for your loved ones and loved ones. Diwali is celebrated in Kartika’s Hindu month and this year, it falls on October 19th. The festival is a symbol of light on the darkness and a good sign on evil. People celebrate oil lamps by worshiping Goddess Lakshmi and fire crackers bursting. People also clean their house for the festival and decorate it with lamps, flowers and rangoli. Rangoli’s sacred art was done in India and it was prepared during a festival or auspicious occasion. It is prepared using flowers or colorful sand. Various rangoli ranges like Samskar Bharti in Maharashtra, Kolam in Tamil Nadu, Alana in West Bengal and Magu in Andhra Pradesh are ready across the country.

Image result for Unique Rangoli Design using Chalni Rangoli by Pooja Totala

Unique Rangoli Design using Chalni Rangoli by Pooja Totala

Symbols are considered sacred in Rangoli, and the designs are usually passed from generation to generation. It reflects the culture of the region and it is believed that it will bring good fortune. Rangoli may be small or big. These days, people do not have time to do extensive design. Therefore, we bring you some simple tricks to create beautiful coloroli designs. You just need some daily equipment to make them.

Unique and Beautiful Peacock Rangoli Designs

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