How to make butterfly lamp

As always, he drank from a 3-layer plywood (bought a large sheet of 2.25 * 2.25m much you can cut it out) Plated bronze spray paint for making butterfly lamp

butterfly lamp

Side view. To put into org glass, painted with acrylic paint.

butterfly lamp (2)

View from above. If you look up at the ceiling, then displayed a butterfly.

butterfly lamp (3)

That’s in daylight. Junctions plastered veneer.

butterfly lamp (4)

This is the beginning of the work.

butterfly lamp (5)

I thought, when I will dish out – break. But it turned out, even smoothly.

butterfly lamp (6)

butterfly lamp (7)

butterfly lamp (4)

While some lights are designed to help you read a book, this Butterfly Lamp takes a page from a book’s shape instead. It easily allows you to adjust how much light is in an area in a fluid way by opening or closing its two “wings.” A dimmer switch would do the same thing, sure, but having two different light sources working off one another would provide some interesting room lighting. The Butterfly Light is just a concept at this time, though quite an elegant one.

butterfly lamp (1)