How to add a flutter sleeve to a sleeveless dress

I took sewing t-shirt from Ottobre 2012-3 model 17. Print sheets, glued, I found the desired contours and before setting the pattern, decided to fathom and to compare with a proven foundation, so to say … hmm .. reference pattern was a little strange – very short and too narrow (well, this is an amateur). After reading reviews on this model, it was everything else that is also not proportionate neck deep.
I decided to model itself.
Someone will say – why suffer, you can simply make a copy the pattern size or two larger, lengthen, add the neck and get what you need. And this truth is ….
But because I enjoy not only the outcome, but also on the whole process, and the simulation of the pattern will be interesting to me)) and I hope you find this information useful.
To simulate the shirts take its proven foundation with a set-in sleeve.


I spend raglan line.


The photo shows that a line tangent to the armhole. Cut the details. Shelves and back are ready, I save them for cutting.

2 halves glued together, shoulder line is now the benchmark for equity.


Draws the lower sleeve Circuits, the line runs parallel to the neck. To take 92 size width of 4 cm. And makes the second such detail only on the bottom adds 1 cm to cover the line pritachivaniya wings.

Docherchivayu lower wing to the desired length of me, cut into pieces and pushed the pattern.


Same do with the first Circuits that are lengthened by 1 cm, it will be the top wing.


Get 3 parts: self-sleeve raglan and 2 wing.


Pattern is ready. By varying the length and width of the components can be obtained over the lush cuff or make it longer, the main principle. All sewing technology is identical to that described in the journal.

courtesy: kureeva.blogspot