Creating gifts for Valentine’s Day, probably the most common occupation among all romantics and lovers. After all, who, if not we, best know the special preferences of relatives and will be able to please them with their care. On that he is a holiday, to give his beloved a piece of his warmth, to please with attention, to surround with love and fulfill the most cherished desires. And in this, as before, only our favorite needlework will help us .
Sewing soft toys with your own hands for an experienced needlewoman is not difficult, because this is not only a painstaking, but also an exciting lesson. Bright hamsters will give a lot of positive things in the process of work, the result of which will pleasantly please even the most demanding hostess.

Fabrics for such a product will require very little: two small pieces of corduroy or velvet for the base (about 15×15 cm), a strip of red artificial fur for the heart, a white felt for the eyes and a yellow for the beak (the wings will be cut from the remains of the main tissue). The color of the owls is determined at will (based on available colors). All the details can be completely made from felt or drape.

Soft Valentine's Day Sausages

First, draw a sketch of an owl on paper, with a note of the quantity on each part.

Soft Valentine's Day Sausages

Then gently cut and transferred to the fabric (wings circled on both sides).

Fabrics are selected specifically for the toy, so their edges do not need additional processing and are not frayed in the notch. Consequently, all small parts can be safely cut without allowance on the seams, since they do not stitch together and do not turn. But the basis (head + trunk) should be slightly increased, deviating from the contour a few millimeters for stitching.

Soft Valentine's Day Sausages

The base is folded face inward and stitched back with a stitch, leaving only a small incision in the ear region.

Through this hole, the body is turned out and stuffed with a sintepon.

Then the hole should be sewn neatly from the outside. As for the masking of the seam, you do not have to worry, because in the future this ear will be covered with a bow.

Next on white circles of black yarn embroider the closed peephole and continue to forget about the needle permanently.

Now we work only with polymer glue.

Each detail is alternately greased with glue and thoroughly smooth to the substrate.

The wings of the bird are pasted to the body.

Then from a small strip of a decorative ribbon we form a bow and fasten it with the help of glue on the sewn eyelet.

After the glue has completely dried, the owl is ready!

Simple and fast tailoring, plus simple materials will not only help to create original toys, but also fill your day with pleasant troubles.

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