You may have heard the term, and pondered “What is Rangoli?” Rangoli is an improving people craftsmanship from India that is made on the ground before passages to homes, inside the homes, or in patios amid festivities to bring good fortunes and welcome Hindu divine beings and goddesses. The workmanship is both a religious and social image, and is found in all homes paying little mind to salary. The points of interest in rangoli enrichment can incorporate lotus blooms, mango leaves, geometric shapes, or other expand plans made of rice flour, shaded sand, or considerably blossom petals.

Easy and colourful Diwali special Rangoli designs 2018

From the basic geometric structures and god impressions to extract craftsmanship, rangoli plans have made considerable progress. Different structures like blossom and petal shapes are additionally made.

The fundamental shading utilized in rangoli is generally white, it is colored distinctive hues making an appealing, multi-hued plan. The base material is generally dry or wet rice flour to which hues are included. shaded sand and blossoms and petals are additionally utilized these days.

Easy and Attractive rangoli designs for Diwali Festival

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