Border Rangoli is a traditional test that is usually followed by people of India. They use to decorate their surroundings to enjoy or celebrate some events or activities. Rangoli can also be seen at Museum, street and home. Selected is the best color mixing color in which all varieties are included. Rangoli has shown culture and tradition after the people of a particular country. Here’s a list of Top 4 Border Rangoli Design Video Tutorials. These can be spacious, beautiful or quite simple, depending on actions and beauty.

Beautiful Border Rangoli Designs for Festival – Video Tutorial

Rangoli designs easy & simple/corner border rangoli design – Video Tutorial

Unique border rangoli designs by Jyoti Rathod,rangoli,festival rangoli – Video Tutorial

Very innovative BORDER rangoli designs with flowers by jyoti Rangoli  – Video Tutorial

Rangoli has such designs which can really affect people. Competitions have also been arranged for people to organize extended children in this area. Beautiful and cute designs can be made according to the images provided above. It should be creative and unique to stay the best.

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