Such an occupation with paper is diverse and fascinating. It involves the assiduity of the child, the development of motor skills, imagination, perception of colors, composing compositions. With the help of plain paper, scissors and glue kids can make whole pictures with animals and plants. They can be helped by parents who will tell, advise and cut out the necessary elements. The child will be left with a picture, embodying his own ideas. You can fantasize with this indefinitely.

In kindergarten, educators often conduct exciting activities with children, using applications in the preparatory, junior, middle and even senior groups. Babies can easily cope with safe scissors, watercolors and glue. That allows, in turn, a better perception of the child around the world. Let us consider in detail how to make simple applications of palms .

Simple pictures of children’s hands

or make a template yourself. Take a colored sheet of paper, circle the contour of the baby’s hand with a simple pencil, carefully cut the sample with scissors. In this case, the child himself can cope with this work.


such paper handicrafts are especially fascinating. Several people can participate in its creation simultaneously with the child, and for the manufacture of parts, a wide variety of materials are used: paper, cardboard, cloth, napkins, cotton wheels, watercolor, helium pens, markers and other. To create a picture, you need to make a sun, a butterfly and a swan. Consider the detailed MC below.

Description of the instruction:

Having chosen a picture for the sample, prepare a workplace, as well as materials for needlework.

Here is a sun cut out from the proposed picture, paste on the base, make the rays of the palm.

Now build the assembly: lay the elements in a circle, each glued PVA. Lock the disc in the middle.

To create a swan, cut out the white body of the trunk and wing. Beak make red. Draw it in color pencil or watercolor. Supplement from the palms of the swan application with airy wings, for which use napkins or thin chiffon fabric.

Run from the palms application. Glue them on the base, as shown in the photo below

For this master class, use beautiful napkins.

The swan, decorated with chiffon, sequins and rhinestones, will look very nice on a paper lake.

For those who are just beginning to make their own hands from the palm of the appliqué tree is very simple – cut out the barrel of colored paper and green elements. Glue the template on the base, then place on it a lush crown. Preschoolers can perform any form of crafts.


the purpose of the lesson is to develop the child’s creative abilities and fine motor skills. Try to make a sun together.

To create from the palms of the sun application, cut out the necessary amount of orange and yellow details (blue for the cloud). A round disk serves as a face. To do this, use ready-made stencils by printing a picture on the printer. If this is not a collective application, then let the kid himself come up with the mood for Sunny.

Place the details on your own. Make the rays the same or different in length. The next version is presented with a cloud and a sun.

Other examples for the creation of the sun and from the palms of applique.


Applications with a swan can be individual and collective. If the kids work separately, let them come up with the design of the swan. But do not forget that young children always need a ready-made job as an example.

In collective work we form one swan with the whole group. Each child himself learns to circle and cut his palm, mastering the work with scissors. Then all together, under the guidance of the teacher, we fasten the blanks in the picture.

Below are the following ways to perform a swan from the palm of the applique.


This kind of application is very popular with children. Particularly interesting are the collective works. We prepare the tree trunk in advance, and we will have children’s hands with leaves.

They can be made from colored paper or make palm prints inks and cut out along the contour.

Invite the children to decorate their palm or write a greeting, a wish. It will be a good idea if the application is thematic.


Add a butterfly application to the composition of the palms. As described earlier, use the templates. The head of an insect is made of a small circle, the trunk – oval.

Lay the wings of the butterfly in stages on the base, glue them. From the palm of your hand, the appliqué will come out lavish if you add paper elements. Finish the butterfly, fix her torso and head. Draw the antennae. Decorate the wings.

Draw a wings on your own. It can be made with watercolor, helium handles, markers, colored pencils, as well as additional paper and other elements.

Below are other bright applications of this subject.

Video: Making gifts from the hands

Miracle of the bird

for children who want to make not only an air swan, but something else the next MK offers a sea of ​​positive. Namely – from the palms application peacock. This work does not take much time and money, because everyone has at home colored paper, scissors and PVA glue.

For a baby, such needlework will be an unforgettable event. This technique involves cutting out paper parts and fixing them on the substrate with glue. To do this, simply follow the detailed description of the work and the peacock assembly scheme.

Step-by-step instruction:

  • Cut out the main parts of the colored paper. The more of them, the brighter and more voluminous the peacock’s tail.

For the trunk, neck and head, make the following preparations.
Glue the parts in a circle in the form of a fan.

  • Place them in several rows.
  • Glue the blue circle in the middle, then the neck with the head. Dorisuyte eyes. Decorate the peacock at will.

The children’s craft is ready. To the tail was more magnificent, and the figure of the bird is thicker, make an application of small hands and with a wadded disk.

  • Repeat the procedure previously described. Take a cotton pad, paint it with watercolor. Allow to dry.
  • Glue a circle over the fan from the tail, placing it in the middle.

Then fix the detail of the neck and head.
A multicolored peacock is ready. It’s quite easy to implement the application from the palm of your hand.

Video: Applications and drawings from ladies

In this video-video ideas for “ladoshkovy” occupation are offered. Doing such work is easy and fun.

In conclusion, we will add that the applications of ladies are an excellent idea not only for the kindergarten, but also for the home pastime and the development of your child.

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