With the help of corrugated paper you can make delicate and realistic flowers that are ideal for decorating gifts or placing in a vase.

Below are the master classes for the production of three colors from crepe paper – tulip, chamomile and peony.

Necessary materials for crafts :

1. crepe-paper in rolls (blue, pink, red and yellow colors);
2. Floral wire;
3. printed templates for petals;
4. Floral ribbon of green color;
5. Scissors;
6. Wadding.

Step 1.

To make a stamen, cut out a square of yellow crepe paper 3×3 cm in size. Finger a pinch of a small piece of cotton wool and roll a ball out of it. Place the cotton ball in the middle of the crooked square.

With a green floral tape, fix the yellow crepe paper around the cotton ball with the wire.

Flowers from crepe paper: tulip, chamomile and peony

Step 2.

To make the petals cut from the roll with a red corrugated paper strip of 10 cm.

Fold the red strip four times and place on it the printed and cut out patterns for the petals.

Templates should be placed vertically with respect to corrugated strips on paper.

Step 3.

Fixing your fingers with a pattern and crepe paper, cut out the outer and inner petals for the tulip. In total, one flower requires three outer and four inner petals. Stretch the top and the forefinger of the top of each petal, as if opening and making a more realistic petal.

Flowers from crepe paper: tulip, chamomile and peony

Place the inner petals around the stamen so that each petal slightly overlaps the previous petal. Use the floristic tape to fix the inner petals.

Around the inner petals, place the outer petals so that they overlap slightly. Fix the article with floral tape.

Wrap a green floral ribbon bud and the whole stem of the flower, giving it a neat, seamless appearance.

Corrugated paper flowers: chamomile

Step 1.

To make a terry stamen, cut out a piece of yellow crepe paper 5×15 cm in size with the vertical arrangement of the corrugated strips. Twist the paper into a tube and cut it into thin strips until the middle.

Unfold the resulting fringe and wrap it around the floristic wire. With a floral tape, secure the resulting maht stamen.

Step 2.

To make the petals, cut a piece of 50 cm from the blue (white, orange, red, etc.) crepe paper and lay it in layers of 10 cm. Place a template with the petals of chamomile to the bottom of the corrugated piece of paper.

Cut the blank with the petals along the pattern and cut the petals two-thirds of the total length of the paper (as shown in the photo).

Unfold the workpiece with the petals.

Step 3.

Attach the maht stamen to the petals in such a way that its edges are flush with the edges of the petals. Wrap the petals around the stamen, giving the flower a beautiful gentle form.

When the petals are completely wrapped around the stamen, fasten the flower with a green floral ribbon from the bud and along the entire length of the wire, giving the handicraft a neat, seamless look.

Give each petal a beautiful shape, slightly pulling fingers and spreading each of them. Arrest the petals so that the stamen is clearly visible.

Step 1.

To make a stamen, cut out a square of 5×5 cm from pink crepe paper. Place a small piece of cotton wool and floristic wire on top of it. Fold them all together in a neat pink bud and fasten the artwork with floral tape.

Step 2.

To make the petals, cut a piece of 10 cm from the roll of pink crepe paper. Cut the paper into squares measuring 10×10 cm.

Take one square and fold it in half. Attach the petal template to the folded paper so that the paper header is vertical to the petal. Cut out 25 petals.

Fingers stretch the top of the petals, giving them a realistic and neat appearance. Lower the lower part of the petals into the folds.

Step 3.

To assemble the flower, take one of the petals and attach it to the stamen. Next, attach to the stamen another petal, slightly imposing it not the first. Thus, attach to the stamen 5-6 petals and fix the hand-made floristic tape.

Continue to add the petals in a circular motion around the stamen and fasten them with a floral tape every few petals. Add the last petals and wrap the hand-crafted floristic ribbon from the bud to the end of the wire, giving the flower a neat, seamless look.

Put ready-made flowers in a vase or use to decorate gifts.

Flowers from crepe paper: tulip, chamomile and peony

Flowers from crepe paper: tulip, chamomile and peony

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