It’s time to prepare for February 14 and think out what to give to your loved ones. An excellent gift for a guy or a girl on Valentine’s Day is a jar or box “100 reasons why I love you”. Such an original gift with a large list of reasons for love, it will be nice to get to everyone.

It is made simply, it is not expensive, but such a gift will surely please any person, because everyone wants to be loved and everyone needs attention. We also compiled a list of one hundred reasons, but do not forget to add any reasons from yourself. After all, the gift must be personal.

Remember the sweet moments, maybe even disadvantages for which you so love your soul mate. Remind your boyfriend of events from your joint holiday, moments when you truly understood that he is your destiny.

Jar “100 reasons why I love you!”

The most popular idea is the bank “100 reasons why I love you”. In fact, there may be less reasons, or more, depending on your imagination and the size of the jar that you have chosen for the gift. It is clear that the more reasons, the longer your boyfriend will read them, and the more pleasant he will be. Choose a beautiful number of reasons – and for work.

Necessary material for the jar:

  • Glass jar with a lid (sold in any store for home goods –
  • for bulk products); Paper for confessions;
  • Satin ribbons;
  • Fabric, lace,
  • colored paper, bijouterie.


We type on the computer “100 reasons why I love you” or invent them myself – especially for your loved one. Then you can just print them on paper and cut them into thin strips, it’s faster than writing by hand (in the second case, we cut the paper into strips in advance).

Then roll each strip with a tube and tie with a ribbon. It remains to put it in a jar, which we still need to decorate.

We decorate our jar with lace, cloth, ribbons, bows, hearts, glue the inscription “100 reasons why I love you”, add confessions to the jar and close the lid. the gift is ready, it is left to wait on February 14 and hand it over. Here’s what we get:

Still ideas how it is possible to issue a jar “100 reasons why I love you”:

Box with confessions on paper

A similar idea, but to add love recognition is no longer in the bank, but in a box that can also be beautifully decorated or made from scratch with your own hands. You can take ready-made beautiful boxes, for example, from Raffaello sweets, and pasted with red paper, you can simply glue a box for confessions from cardboard. Here’s what you should get:

List of 100 Reasons Why I Love You

1. I’m always interested in you.

2. Near you is always happy in my heart

3. I have a lot of fun with you, you have a great sense of humor

4. You always have time to chat with me on the phone, even if you are very busy

5. You dream me

6. You you often call me “just like that”

7. I like to just be silent with you

8. You always know the answers to the most difficult questions

9. You will always help me

10. I can rely on you

11. When you are near, my heart sings

12. You clever

13. I want to be close to you as much as possible

14. You have the most beautiful eyes

15. Your morning omelette is excellent

16. With you I’m getting better

17. You’re real

18. With you I’m easy

19. You like even my shortcomings

20. I’m crazy about you

21 We have the same views on life

22. You are ready to endure all my vagaries

23. You are the first one going to reconciliation, even if I’m not right. Thank you for that.

24. You know how to make me smile

25. You understand me

26. You are the most affectionate

27. I like your broad shoulders

 28.With you I do not mind anything

29. I love to watch you sleep

30. When you’re hugging me in a dream, I’m crazy

31. You always support and always believe in me

32. Even in the most gloomy day, it’s good for me if you are near

33. I love listening to your voice

34. You pamper me

35. You are my best friend

36. My friends and family are delighted with you

37. You always comfort me if I’m sad

38. We look great together

39. I like your smell

40. I love stroking you on the cheek

41. On your chest so calmly and serenely

42. You do not ridicule me, even if I ask stupid questions

43. I learned a lot from you

44. You are my stone wall

45. We have the same dreams

46. We understand each other with a half-word

47. I’m fine with you anywhere

48. I’m crazy about your touch

49. I admire you

50. You are very talented

51. You do not limit me in anything

52. After meeting you I began to believe in miracles

53. I can share with you my secrets and hidden desires

54. It’s easy to be honest with you

55.You give me affection

56. When you pronounce my name my heart freezes

57. I fell in love with you at first sight

58. You are very sweet

59. You give me wise advice

60. You are an optimist and you never lose heart

61. Every day with you is a special

62. With you I’m ready to go to the end of the world

63. You tell me gentle words

64. With you I can talk to the clock

65. We are never bored together

66. You respect me and my decisions

67. I just really love you !! !!

68. You carry me in your arms

69.When we are at a distance you are interested several times a day as I am 70. You like how I cook)

71. I adore you to kiss

72. I almost always think about you

73. I like when you are slightly jealous of me

74. You feel me

75. I really miss you when you’re not around

76. Together we can all

77. I’m happy with you

78. You’re always on my side

79. You give me flowers

80. You’re sensual

81. You like the smell of my hair

82. In yours I embrace the arms

83.With you I can afford to be a little girl

84. You protect me

85. I immediately realized that you are my half

86. I can lie on your knees for hours

87. I like to sit next to you, putting your head on your shoulder .

88.I love to tie your hair

89. You are my very-very

90. With you I feel like a princess

91. I adore your name

92. You are very strong

93. You fulfill all your promises

94. You are the most dear person for me

95. I like to hold your hand

96. You are the most precious thing in my life

97. You give me everything without demanding anything in return

98. Together we are happy

99. I really appreciate you and I’m grateful to the Universe that you are next to me

100. I just really love you !!! No reason! 

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