Create a glowing leaves bird with this enchanting craft tutorial for kids. Ignite your child’s creativity and connection to nature through this engaging DIY project.

Embrace the magic of nature with this enchanting glowing leaves bird craft tutorial for kids. Blending the vibrant hues of autumn foliage with the whimsy of paper art, this engaging DIY project promises to captivate young learners and spark their imagination.

Glowing Leaves Bird Craft

Glowing Leaves Bird Craft Tutorial For Kids

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Supplies & Tools

  • Red leaves, green leaves
  • Glue
  • White sheet and yellow sheet
  • Artificial eyes
  • Black marker and brown sketch pen

Glowing Leaves Bird Craft Instructions

Step #1: Begin With The Base

Begin With The Base

First, take a background sheet of blue color and a fallen brown leave paste it on the blue sheet.

Step #2: Use Another Leave

Use Another Leave

Now, use another leave and paste it horizontally on the blue sheet attached with the prior pasted leave.

Step #3: Paste An Artificial Eye

Paste An Artificial Eye

Now, paste an artificial eye on the upper leaf with the help of glue.

Step #4: Make A Beak

Make A Beak

Now, by using a black marker make a beak of the bird.

Step #5: Make Legs

Make Legs

By using black marker make legs on the horizontal pasted leave.

Step #6: Make A Branch

Make A Branch

Make the branch in which the bird is sitting, and make it by using a brown marker.

Step #7: Paste Leaves

Paste Leaves

Now, paste green leaves on the right end of the branch where the bird is sitting.

Step #8: Decorate The Branch

Decorate The Branch

Now, decorate the branch using a black marker.

Step #9: Use A Shank

Use A Shank

Now, use a shank and add it to the beak of the bird.

Congratulations! Your Glowing Leaves Bird Craft Is Ready.

Congratulations! Your Glowing Leaves Bird Craft Is Ready.

Congratulations! Your Glowing Leaves Bird Craft is ready. In the last put some piece of shank on the beak of the bird.

Craft a mesmerizing glowing leaves bird with this captivating step-by-step tutorial. This nature-inspired DIY project is a wonderful way to nurture your child’s artistic skills and foster their appreciation for the beauty of the natural world.

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