Create a stunning piece of art with this unique butterfly art by sea shell tutorial for kids! Use sea shells, glue, and paint to make a beautiful butterfly that will flutter its way into your heart.

Transform sea shells into a beautiful butterfly with this fun and creative art tutorial! Kids will love using their imagination to design their own butterfly’s wings and body. With just a few simple steps and some artistic flair, they’ll be creating a unique piece of art that’s perfect for their room or as a gift.

Unique Butterfly Art By Sea Shell

Unique Butterfly Art By Sea Shell Tutorial For Kids

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Supplies & Tools

  • White sheet
  • Tooth brush
  • Shells
  • Earbuds
  • Glue
  • Brush
  • Bunch of watercolor
  • Black marker

Unique Butterfly Art Instructions

Step #1: Begin With The Base

Begin With The Base

Now, first begin with the base take a white sheet and use a toothbrush, dip that brush into the green watercolor, and shade it from the end to the upward direction at the end of white sheet.

Step #2: Use Shells

Use Shells

Now, use a joint shell.

Step #3: Color The Shells

Color The Shells

Now, paint the shell with the orange watercolor.

Step #4: Paste It On The White Sheet

Paste It On The White Sheet

Now, paste the painted shells on the top of the white sheet.

Step #5: Paste Another Painted Shell

Paste Another Painted Shell

Now, use another pink color painted shell and paste it on the other top of the white sheet.

Step #6: Complete The Process Of Pasting Shells

Complete The Process Of Pasting Shells

Now, complete the process of pasting the shell on the white sheet accordingly. Here, I am pasting three more shells of the color red, blue, and yellow.

Step #7: Draw Dunks

Draw Dunks

Now, draw dunks on the head of the butterfly using a black marker.

Step #8: Make Flower On The Green Painted Part

Make Flower On The Green Painted Part

Now, paint the flower on the green painted part. Use an orange color and make a circle on the above of the painted grass.

Step #9: Decorate The Shells

Decorate The Shells

First, complete the flower-making process just by adding circles in a sequence. Then, use earbuds, dip the buds in the white color, and make dots on the shells.

Step #10: Complete The Process

Complete The Process

Complete the decoration process in every shells pasted on the white sheet.

Step #11: Decorate The Sheet

Decorate The Sheet

Now, dip the earbuds in the orange watercolor and put some dots on the white sheet too. After that, use a black marker and draw some dots coming out of the shells from downwards as shown in the picture.

Wow! Your Unique Butterfly Art By Sea Shell Is Ready.

Wow! Your Unique Butterfly Art By Sea Shell Is Ready.

Congratulations! Your unique butterfly art is ready. In the last complete drawing the dots on every shell and don’t forget to add two lines in the orange flower with the help of a black marker.

And that’s it! Your child has created a breathtakingly beautiful butterfly art piece using sea shells. This unique craft is not only fun but also helps develop fine motor skills and creativity. Display their artwork proudly and watch it spread its wings to bring joy to all who see it.

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