Hello friends. Today we bring you a video tutorial in which we teach you how to make frayed fabric roses, we hope you have as much fun as we do them.

How to make a fabric rose // Mothers Day // Fabric Flowers Roses

How to make these beautiful frayed fabric flowers, I will tell you, that I long ago saw that some street artisans made this type of flowers with ease, I was surprised, because when it looks 100% finished, you can not imagine using such an easy technique, at first glance it would seem that it is complicated to do, but if you watch this video tutorial, you will realize how easy it is, not you will regret it, and they will be great to give on this day of the teacher, mother’s day, valentine etc. If you want to see more # Crafts I invite you to follow me on my #FACEBOOK page.

You need :

  • Satin fabric 45 cm long and 15 high.
  • Floratape tape
  • Stick or wire
  • Scissors

Step by step: Learn how to make frayed fabric flowers

1. First the edge of the fabric is frayed , do it at each end of the fabric.
2. Begin to unravel the fabric, pulling thread by thread, start from the middle of the fabric.
3. Leave 2 cm of separation along the length of the fabric, both above and below.
4. With the stick of thin wood, you will wrap all the frayed fabric, in this way you will arm the rose, on the wooden stick.
5. Then use the ribbon green floratape, to line the stick next to the frayed rose.
6. Flip the rose down, and with the palm of both hands, turn the stick, in this way will be accommodating the petals of the rose. Make them several colors, they are beautiful to give as gifts.

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