How to make fantastic rainbow silk thread bangles. This tutorial helps you to make rainbow bangle easily.

rainbow bangle

Select the colors that you want to make the pattern with. Take a kada bangle as the base.

bangle (2)

Take equal number of strands of 4 or 5 colors and put them ready as shown.

bangle (3)

Apply glue to the bangle.

bangle (4)

Paste all the threads on the kada as shown.

bangle (5)

bangle (6)

Start wrapping with the main color.

bangle (7)

Wrap for few lines to fix all the colors at a place.

bangle (8)

lift the alternative threads and wrap as shown.

bangle (9)

alternate colors.

bangle (10)

Continue wrapping.

bangle (11)

bangle (12)

Paste the ends on the bangle and finish off with the base color.

bangle (13)

bangle (14)

Image courtesy: She Needs Boutique

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