How to Make Beautiful Earrings of Glass Flower. Flowers are collected and pressed for several months (often years) before installing in the glass. To best care for them, keep them out of the sunlight – and keep them dry! Each piece has an actual plant or flower and it is not waterproof (“dishwasher safe or lifeguard is not approved”).

Required Materials:

  • Glass Bottle
  • Resin Glue
  • Dry Flower
  • Pearl Earrings Clip etc.

Step 1: Balance

Put the 4 glass-shells on the silicone mold to keep it balanced during the producing process.

Step 2: Choose the Beautiful Flowers You Want

The selecting of flowers: Pick up the flowers you that are fond of and be careful about the matching of the colors. This action will help you make the color more astonishing.

Step 3: Trim

Trim the flowers you pick. You shall decide the size and length of the flowers according to the size of the glass cover.

Step 4: Fill

Use tweezers to fill up the glass cover with the colorful flowers you just picked and be careful about the matching of the colors.

Step 5: To Prepare the Resin Glue

Prepare the resin glue as follow. The proportion of the A glue and B glue is 3:1. Usually, we will prepare 2 different cups and these 2 cups will be used for loading A glue and B glue. Mix up the 2 types of glue and make sure you stir it evenly. Wait till the bubbles are disappeared.

Step 6: Fill the Resin Glue Into the Glass Bottle

Now we will use a dropper to take some mixed resin glue and slowly fill it with the glass cover till the glass cover is completely filled up.

Step 7: Put on the Top Cover

Put the metal cap onto the glass cover. Lay it away for 12 hours for the glue inside it to dry up.

Step 8: Combination Resin Glass Bottle and Pearl Earrings Stud

Match up the coagulated glass cover with the pearl ear studs.

Step 9: Packaging

Attach the finished products onto the card tags.

Step 10: Complete!!

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