The origami book can be an excellent souvenir gift for everyone who likes to read and write their stories. On the pages of the book you can write wishes or poems, paste ready-made pictures or draw them yourself with a pen or felt-tip pen.

There are quite a few design ideas for a finished book, it all depends on the master’s imagination. The cover can be made separately, and optionally from paper. For this, cardboard, fabric, felt, thin leather or imitation leather are good. Above, the book is decorated with applique, rhinestones, ribbons. Such a book in the style of origami can replace a standard greeting card with congratulations or become an original key fob.

The master class will tell you how to make a book in the style of origami in different ways, and like it to beginners as well as experienced origami collectors.

Book of four main sheets
A rather simple origami in the form of a book is assembled from one or more rectangular A4 sheets. You can fold origami from both clean, white paper, and color. You will also need a clerical knife, scissors, glue and colored thick paper or a cardboard for the cover, which must be done separately. From the paper sheet is formed only the contents of the book – page.

How to make origami: bend the sheet in half along, and then cross and unfold.

With the central inflection to connect the edges and spread out, so that the leaf turned out to be divided into eight sectors – future pages. Cut through the middle of the sheet with a clerical knife (in the photo – segment AB).

To bend the workpiece along and slightly to press from sides, that in the middle the diamond is opened. Close the shape and bend to form pages.

If necessary, repeat steps 1-5, making a book of the desired thickness. Cut out the size of the cover from the colored cardboard (wrap the pages with cardboard and cut off the excess with scissors) and paste to the pages.


The cover can be made by a colored template made of thin cardboard, which can easily be decorated with handles with felt-tip pens, paints, ribbons or appliques.

Mini book with cover

With this master class will cope and novice masters. The technique of assembling a book with a cover resembles a modular origami: folded pages are inserted into the cover.

To create such a book, you need to prepare two paper rectangular sheets – white for pages and color for the cover. You can also use colored sheets for pages and thin cardboard for the cover (as in the MK example).

The assembly diagram is quite simple and includes a step-by-step description of the following: bend the rectangle in half along. Collect the accordion from the resulting strip, bending the upper part aside first, then the bottom one.

Repeat 1-2 points, prepare the required number of pages.

Connect the pages together by putting one part into the other and fixing it with glue. Glue one side of the accordion and connect.

Cut a rectangle of cardboard two times wider than the length of the pages – the future cover. Bend along the edge of the cardboard to the middle.

Put the pages together on the cover and wrap them. Bend the edges of the cover and put the first and last pages in its pockets.

In order not to use glue, pages can be made by the type of cover: bend the edges to the center, and then bend the resulting band of accordion (the longer the strip, the more pages). In this case, the two blanks can be joined simply by inserting one into the other – they will hold tight without glue.

Such a book can be “dressed” in the original cover. For example, as in the photo below:

Step by step look the instruction is recommended on the video below.

Video: We develop a book in origami technique

We add a book from one sheet

A traditional origami book of paper is made from a single sheet of square shape. For a craft, a one-sided color sheet of medium density is good: white side of the sheet – future pages, color – cover.

A detailed step-by-step assembly instruction is presented below: fold the paper with an accordion: first half-and-half, then the edges to the middle, bend from the middle to the edges and bend the edges back to the center (all in all, eight pieces).

Twist the figure in half and divide one part into three equal parts by kinks, unfold. Bend the top corner so that the inflection line is aligned with the middle, repeat for the bottom corner.

Expand all the sheet (the extreme fold line and triangles were obtained). Bend back the edge of the fold and lay each triangle inward (should look like on the diagram).

Bend the work piece diagonally from one side and the other. Open the collected sheets in the tape in the middle and bend the protruding part – the book – inside. Turn the tape up, open the work piece and turn the book down.

Again, bend the work piece and wrap the book inside, and the pockets are out. Turn over the work piece and bend the upper edge. Twist the work piece in half and bend the side edges to the middle, slightly not reaching the pages.

Slightly opening the work piece, pull out the previously folded upper edge and tuck it in from one side and the other. Bend the book and form a spine.

Done! It turned out a real book in miniature.

For the successful assembly of a paper figure of a book, it is recommended to watch the video.

Video: We make miniature books

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