This workshop is designed for children from 7 years, teachers of primary, school, additional education and creative people.
Purpose: interior decoration, gift.
The goal: the production of articles made of yarn for knitting residues.
• Learn to use the waste material (remnants of yarn for knitting) for making interesting crafts.
• To develop fine motor skills and hand eye estimation.
• To educate the artistic taste, neatness.
• Foster an interest in arts and crafts.
Materials needed for the work:
1. Multi-colored remnants of yarn, satin ribbons.
2. cardboard.
3. Pencil, ruler, scissors, compass, torch.
4. Glue-gun (PVA).

Steps for crafts:
1. Basis herringbone consists of cardboard strips 2 cm wide.

2. Each strip of cardboard wrapped yarn green. Start the threads need to lubricate the glue.

3. Winding tight, avoiding gaps on cardboard.

4. The end of the filament as fluff glue and fix on a cardboard base.

5. Thus, these strips have prepared 16 pieces. In this case, the strips 16 7cm long, 12 cm, 17 cm, 22 cm, 27 cm, 32 cm, 37 cm and 42cm.

The length and number of strips is not fundamentally important.
Lay received the blank, as shown in the photo.

6. Putting workpiece using yarns of the same color. The thread is a good coat with PVA glue (glue stick can be used).

7. Turn crafts. The basis of our panel is ready.

Now we are preparing multicolored garlands. They are also made of thread.
To do this, prepare the cardboard circle with a diameter of about 2-3cm.

8. Cut the thread length of approximately 6-7 cm.

9. Fix the length of each thread on a ring-based. This is done as follows: folded in half thread, both ends are threaded in a loop.

10. The ends of the thread you need to tighten.

11. As a result, get here is a shaggy ring.

12. The ends of the strands carefully trim with scissors.

13. Now, every other thread is cut at 1 cm. To get the item in the form of a garland.

14. The boys have prepared a lot of multicolored garlands, attached to the tree with the help of hot glue.

15. Garlands decorate shiny bows.

16. What is missing the most important element – an asterisk. We make it according to the same technology as the Christmas tree. To do this, cut into 5 strips of identical width 5mm, length 8cm.

17. Each strip is wrapped with red thread, fixing the start and end with glue.

18. Putting blanks in the form of a five-pointed star.

19. The ends of each strip to connect with hot glue.

20. Fasten the star on top of Christmas tree. Our Christmas tree is ready for the New Year.

Here is a collective mural produced students of Class 3. Our work is to give the school New Year contest.
Thank you all for your attention!

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