An elegant decoration for the Christmas tree

Christmas tree(241)

Christmas tree(242)

So, not really wishing I otskrebla it all and left only the foundation.


In flakonchike – acrylic paint, I decided to paint the ball before work. It could be a little more poshkurit him, but the thought came to my inexperienced head too late ? Riding Hood-mount shoot yet.

Christmas tree(243)

I flaunt slight trimming posudomoynoy sponge. Right here is to keep the ball and painted with abandon until all the fingers dyed ?

Christmas tree(244)

Then I figured to take the wooden skewers, spread on the ball and make it very convenient for coloring lollipop.

Christmas tree(245)

We send our red Mars craters foam to dry and proceed to weaving clothes for him. I took the remnants of beads, which was used in the decorationnotorious ballet.

We print on a thread beads.

Christmas tree(246)

We form the second series of “cross” or something something like this is called, I’m not sure exactly, passing the needle through every second small bead ?

Christmas tree(247)

Finishing the second row.

Christmas tree(248)

And we go to the third.

Christmas tree(249)

Thus, row by row, weave a net:

Christmas tree(250)

Scourge, Scourge, do not stop.

Christmas tree(251)

Ball had already dry, and can be sure to take it sometimes, “fitting”.

Christmas tree(252)

When the grid will be of sufficient size to wrap the ball, execute the last row, passing small beads.

Christmas tree(253)

Closes the mesh in the ring and sew neatly sostykovyvaya braided pattern.

Christmas tree(254)

We put on the ball:

Christmas tree(255)

And tightens the ring by inserting 1-2 beads to form the desired diameter.

Christmas tree(256)

That something like that happens:

Christmas tree(257)

The lower part of the ball you can just pull the beads without additional:

Christmas tree(258)

I’m a little hurried and closed bottom clearance ringlet beads. This can be done if it is the final touch to the decoration of the lower part. I decided then to add fringe and it turned out that because of this fringe beads proved to not be seen. So if you do as I do, the bead can not weave in this step.

Christmas tree(259)

Go back upstairs. Scourge small ring. The number of beads in it should match the number of light pink beads in the upper row of braids ball, I have them 17.

Christmas tree(260)

We put a ring on the mount rope and gradually begin to combine it with the top row of beads braiding.

Christmas tree(261)

Gradually and slowly ..

Christmas tree(262)

The locking ring. The upper part of the ball is ready.

Christmas tree(263)

Again back down and, if desired, begin to weave fringe. We collect the right amount of thread on the beads.

Christmas tree(264)

The bottom I put a large and heavy glass bead to a nice fringe hung later. Go back upstairs and go to the next thread fringe.

Christmas tree(265)

So we perform a full circle. Central beads, as I said, it was not visible. Anyway. I’ll know that it’s there ?

Christmas tree(266)


When all is finished, you can tie a ribbon on the top of the bulb and enjoy ? Thank you!