How to make air drops dew for hair accessories: In my scrap-crafts I often use an element that called “air drops” (as it is called in another way I do not know). Do it is not difficult:
 (699x522, 100Kb)

And since the drops look in the works:

 (699x535, 39Kb)

 (699x503, 37Kb)

Using this method is not a tricky way to collect such a flower twig. We take punchy flowers of blue and blue color, the density of paper is 160 g / m2. Using the embossing tool to give the desired shape, use an awl to pierce the hole in the center with the help of an awl. Alternating flowers and beads strung on a fishing line (beads must be planted on the glue). The branch began with a bead and ended with a bead.

 (700x525, 53Kb)

 (700x528, 37Kb)

 (700x525, 37Kb)

 (700x525, 48Kb)