How to make a newspaper basket: I have just discovered how easy it is to weave a basket using newspaper! It’s so simple to roll paper tubes out of newspaper and then weave the tubes into a basket. You can bet I will be making plenty of these faux wicker baskets for future projects, as well as for storage in the home.

Revered as it is, the intricate art of basket making can be quite the time-consuming little craft. However, if you have an enormous stash of old newspapers lying around to be disposed of, why not settle for the simpler, cheaper, and more versatile cousin of wicker baskets- newspaper baskets! Read on to find out how to make a newspaper basket by weaving, as well as folding and origami.

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If you have never done basket weaving before, try starting out with this simple basket weaving project, and then work your way up to this basket chandelier.

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