Start your child’s creativity with this fun and unique newspaper craft tutorial, perfect for engaging young minds and transforming ordinary materials into extraordinary works of art.

Discover the endless possibilities of newspaper crafting with this imaginative tutorial for kids. Transform the ordinary into the extraordinary as your little ones craft stunning works of art using everyday materials.

Creative Newspaper Craft

Creative Newspaper Craft Tutorial for Kids

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Supplies & Tools

  • Newspaper Roll
  • Toothpick
  • Glue
  • Double-sided tape

Creative Newspaper Craft Instructions

Step #1: Initialize With The Base

Initialize With The Base

First, take a toothpick and a piece of paper, and with the help of the toothpick start rotating the paper diagonally.

Step #2: Apply Glue At The End

Apply Glue At The End

Once the paper is folded apply the glue at the end and paste it with the roll itself.

Step #3: This Is A Final Roll

This Is A Final Roll

Now, this kind of role is used for further processes.

Step #4: Make More

Make More

Now, with the help of toothpicks and paper make more rolls.

Step #5: Flat The One End

Flat The One End

Now, take one roll and flat its one end by pressing it with the finger.

Step #6: Apply Double Sided Tape

Apply Double Sided Tape

Now, apply double-sided tape on that pressed roll.

Step #7: Paste It With Another Roll

Paste It With Another Roll

Now, paste that roll horizontally with another roll of paper in the middle.

Step #8: Apply Another roll

Apply Another roll

First, roll the horizontal sheet with the pasted one so that it will fix properly, then add another roll on the vertical roll in such a way that the middle point of both rolls will meet.

Step #9: Fold The Sheet

Fold The Sheet

Now, the sheet is pasted horizontally with the end fold that rolls upward.

Step #10: Fold The Same Roll

Fold The Same Roll

Now, fold the same roll in the opposite direction without affecting the other two.

Step #11: Start Making A Pattern

Start Making A Pattern

Now, by folding it again and again there is one pattern starts forming in the center through one roll.

Step #12: One Roll End Then Add New Roll

One Roll End Then Add New Roll

If the roll ends after several rolls then attach another roll to it and continue the folding process.

Step #13: Continue The Folding Steps

Continue The Folding Steps

Now, after folding a lot you will get a design that looks exactly like the above picture and you will also get it by only folding one roll with the other two rolls. Remember, whenever your roll comes to an end then just add a new roll so that your work will go on without any disturbance.

Step #14: Make A Pattern

Make A Pattern

Now, a pattern will form of shifting the tools in which there are a total of three rolls but in that three two got divided from the middle and it will count double so overall it has five rolls. Now, we will do shifting of only one roll and placing four rolls in their direction. As like shift one roll it will take the place of the second roll then shift the second roll it will take the place of the third roll and so on with all five rolls and this step will continues till the design is completed.

Step #15: Completing All The Steps

Completing All The Steps

Now, complete all the above steps then you will reach a stage where your all rolls meet so among five rolls four rolls are looking up and one roll is left horizontally use that roll.

Step #16: Use The Horizontal Roll

Use The Horizontal Roll

Now, use the horizontal roll which is the last left, and roll it out through all four rolls just to bind the craft.

Congratulations! Your Creative Newspaper Craft Is Ready.

Congratulations! Your Creative Newspaper Craft Is Ready.

Congratulations your creative newspaper craft is ready, it is very useful to put any important material in it but it is a little hard to make by following the steps mentioned above you will easily make this work.

Finally! Your craft is ready.

Empower your child’s creativity and let their imagination soar with this captivating newspaper craft tutorial. Unlock a world of artistic expression and watch their skills blossom with each unique creation.

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