This is small and easy border rangoli designs video tutorial for you. Rangoli designs are done at the entrance of the house during festivals such as Diwali, Dusshera, Ugadi, Holi and New Year. These colors can also be made on the border of your worship room. See this beautiful, simple and easy border rangoli design. It is very easy to attract even beginners. Border Rangoli designs are drawn with walls, entrances, corners, worship rooms and many more places according to our wishes.

Super Easy,Small and Quick Border Rangoli Designs in front of Ganesha Rangoli By Shital Mahajan – Video Tutorial

To add beauty to the range Rangoli, we can add dia, flowers, bangles, shiny, any jewelry. It is taken during special occasions, worship, Diwali, Holi. Independent hand ceiling Rangoli is getting famous nowadays.

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