Violets are known to every beautiful and quivering flowers. You can see them in many homes. With a little effort, you can create a similar beauty and bead. It is only necessary to carefully study the master class on the creation of violets (photos illustrating any stage of the work are attached). Perform such an exquisite decoration under the power of even novice needlewomen.

Beauty violets of beads

What is necessary to prepare

To create a violet from beads you will need beads of the main paint – pink, lilac or purple. Look good and any combination of these colors.

You will also need:

  • beads of green color – it is good to take a few nuances for creating texture leaves;
  • wire of two types, the required thickness – from 0.2 to 0.5 millimeters;
  • Gold beads or artificial pearls to create the core of the flower;
  • a small pot or pot, you can use a cap from a large aerosol;
  • tools for working with wire.

How to make flowers

For those who first make a violet from beads, a step-by-step master class is simply necessary. But in the future, after studying all the subtleties, it will be possible to make friends with violets from beads and without photos with instructions.

First you need to snap a piece of wire about 50 centimeters long. Retreat from the edge of 15 centimeters, thread 5 beads, make a loop.

Scheme of violet from a seed bottle

For the second loop it is necessary to thread 14 beads on the long part of the segment. The following loop is made in a similar manner, which must be laid out along the radius of the previous one. After that, the wire is twisted into several turns. The petal turns out.

Such petals are required to make 5 pieces. After this, it is necessary to twist the edges of the wire, giving the workpiece the shape of the finished flower.

The number of flowers in a bouquet depends on the reserves of beads and personal preferences.

To create stamens, you need to take a piece of a lot of thick wire about 15 centimeters long. String on the wire base pearl (or 3 yellow beads), then clamp and twist using pliers.

The stamen is inserted into the core of the flower. The entire structure is carefully twisted.


To create leaves, French weaving from grass beads is used. It is necessary to cut off a piece of thin wire about 40 centimeters long, fold it so that one end is shorter than the other, twisting a loop with a length of 12 centimeters.

Then, from the short edge, you need to string 8 beads, and from the long one – 10, then cross the caps in the form of a small eyelet.

Violet leaf

Next, with a long side, again thread 10 beads, make an opposing arc. For each leaf, you need 3 pairs of arcs.

Remains of wire must be picked up, cut off excess.

How to assemble a bouquet

Flowers are curled for 3-4 pieces, the wire covers are wrapped with a ribbon or green threads. Then they are fastened to the leaves. The whole composition is connected with the support of a thin wire.

After collecting the bouquet, it is necessary, following the instructions, to dissolve the gypsum in the pot. Enter the bouquet, hold it until the gypsum solidifies.

The violet is ready.


After drying the gypsum, cover it with green paint and let the coating dry completely. Then, using glue, fix on the surface of sisal fiber.

Next, from a tissue-based napkin, cut a piece equal to the diameter of the pot (or cap). The basis for the bouquet is to grease with glue, to fix the cut piece of napkin.

Decoration of a pot of violets

Finally, it follows to spread the flowers and leaves, giving the composition a finished look. A beautiful and original decoration will amaze your “blooming” year-round. It is only necessary to wipe it periodically with a damp soft cloth.

Decorate any interior and make an original gift can violets from beads. A master class with step-by-step photos will become a good help in such a creative endeavor.

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