On the Internet you can find whole sites where there are crocheted hooks with diagrams and descriptions. They are so different and so funny that they are interesting not only for children. Adults, too, often take a great interest in knitting toys when they see how it is like their child. Colored yarn on the shelves of the shops and beckons to creativity, and pictures of toy animals again and again give new ideas. But with what work is it worth starting a newcomer?

Toys crochet

Knitted toy size

It’s noteworthy that crochet toys can start from any yarn. But the selected yarn will depend not only on the size of the hook, but also on the size of the entire toy. So now very popular are tiny little animals, trinkets. If you really want to make a knitted key chain, then it’s worth to grab a very strong and thin yarn. Under it you will need a small hook of the finest size. It is better to take synthetic threads with silk shine. They are quite wear-resistant and retain the color and mechanical properties longer than other types of yarn. If the thread has a smooth silky shine, then it has a smooth, slippery surface. This fiber is much more resistant to abrasion during operation, and for the key fob it is very important. After all, when we use a key fob, we always take it in hand or put it in a bag. The fiber of such an article must be strong.

Little toy

But do not think that the smallest work will be the simplest. For your first trial, you should choose a medium-sized yarn. The toy must have a tight knit. The thread must be tightened so that the mating comes out a little hard. Otherwise, the small product-key chain will be stretched for the first month of use. Work a small crochet on a fine yarn and perform a tight knit – this is not an easy task. Toys crocheted from a thin thread are complex because of the fine knitting.

As for large items, they may not be as complicated as a knitter who is beginning to learn. It all depends on the hook and yarn. If only the thread was not too twisted and not confused. It may seem that a large product is knitted much longer than a tiny one. But this is not always true. For a better understanding, take, for example, yarn, where 100 m of coil contains 100 m of thread, and another tangle, which in the same 100 g will fit as much as 800 m.

Great toy

At once it is possible to understand that in the first case the thread is eight times larger. If you pick up suitable hooks, the largest and the most jewelery, and start knitting, then it becomes obvious that two very different toys will come out on the same circuit. One will fit in the palm of your hand, and the other will go down behind a tiny pillow. That is, one and the same time will be spent on two products, one of which will be eight times less than another. If you add to this, that on large products you do not necessarily tighten the thread, the difference will be even greater. However, knitting a large toy is easier because the plexus is clearly visible there and this helps to avoid getting confused. Schemes of the same toy crochet can be equal for different size and type of yarn.

For the first job, it’s better to grab the medium yarn, the middle hook and the average size of the toy. Actually mating of medium size is best placed in the fingers and knits. It will be easier to learn new things. Although it depends a lot on personal interest. To eat people who are terribly fond of neat little works and they are ready to go to difficulties for the sake of their influx. And someone, on the contrary, enthralls large products. Creative inspiration is a very important aspect in the learning process.

How to choose the correct hook

Hooks can be made of different materials. On the shelves of shops most often you can find metal hooks. However, few know, but bamboo can also be found on sale. What good is bamboo as a material for hooks? It is warm, but if the hands are hot, then it does not heat up like metal. In the fingers of such a hook does not slip. Because of these remarkable properties of bamboo do not only hooks, but also knitting needles. Such a tool is for many avid knitters.

Metal hooks can be made from either aluminum or aluminum. Aluminum knitting tool is easy to distinguish on a whitish-gray metal surface. Steel hooks have a glossy metallic glow and most often they have a dark color.


For greater convenience, the hook may have a plastic handle. It can often be found on very thin hooks. A metal knitting tool has a number of significant advantages. It is very wear-resistant. Such a hook can be obtained from an old grandmother’s chest, he may be several dozen years old, but this does not imprint on the quality of his work. The second advantage – if the hook has a scratch or an awkwardly sharp end, then it is easily polished even with a nail file. Only you can not overdo it.

That there were no rough edges, you can finish the work with polishing nail files with the finest abrasive. This will be enough to make the hook very comfortable and slide smoothly between the loops, but does not split the finger. Metal hooks and knitting needles are made with a small diameter. New Year toys crochet five look, if you used elegant yarn medium thickness.

A tool of large diameter has long been made either from plastic or acrylic. By the way, if you take the hook of the largest number and shaped or very fluffy yarn, then you can knit a tunic or a sweater for a couple of days. Only thus there is one condition – not to tighten loops. Even an ordinary scarf made of medium yarn takes more time. The product can come out very creative and unusual if the yarn has a large diameter, fascinating weaving and unusual elements, like the protruding thread, spangles on the stem, fuzzy.

Hook size

Schemes of crocheted crochet toys do not always contain recommendations on the number and type of yarn and the choice of a hook. Many knitters have already faced this in the beginning of their work. This is a common mistake when a young master selects a mediocre hook and fine yarn. The ball could seem prettier than the rest, and a mediocre hook to a beginning knitter seems more acceptable than a thin one. A distant person does not understand why the work does not go. The fact is that you can perform great products if the hook is smaller than what is required for this image of the yarn. However, if it is larger, nothing worthwhile will work, and labor will not bring pleasure. Even on the contrary, the process of knitting becomes torture and confusion of threads. But small ones are so universal that many people always prefer them even when knitting a fluffy yarn.


Good schemes and descriptions of a crocheted crochet toy necessarily offer the look of a knitting tool. At this stage of work, there may be misunderstandings between the author of the work and the user of the site who wants to link this product. The fact is that we are used to measuring small dimensions in millimeters, but this is not the only designation of the size of the hook in the universe. So, if the manufacturer is the US, then it’s better to choose a hook by eye, if you do not understand anything in the system of their designations.

Beginners knitters try to limit their collection of tools to three hooks: very small, medium and large plastic. Also with spokes. Experienced enthusiastic craftsmen will constantly replenish their arsenal with new specimens. Would not it be safer to buy the whole set? Why not? That just arises a question, which one? Many kits are specialized for thin, medium and thick yarn. The inveterate masters, in their experiment, know that it is worth having a pair of plastic hooks, one of which is desperately huge, and the other is medium in size, between the largest and thin metal. Toys, crocheted from a very thick yarn, where the fabric of the loops are not too tight, look very impressive. These are whole huge cushions in the guise of cheerful animals, smiling sun, flowers and leaves.

The crochet patterns of toys made from large yarn are much easier to understand, because each plexus can be clearly seen on your work and you quickly notice errors in inattention. It’s much easier to make a mistake on fine work. But people who are prone to scrupulous work and like fine products and jewelry precision, will still be carried away by knitting keyrings and tiny figures. They should buy a full set of small hooks. Someone will be pretty and a set of three tools, someone will want to have all possible options. The most subtle difference, which can be between the hooks in the set, is 0.1 mm. This is a tenth of a millimeter!

CO side is not very noticeable, if between the diameters of the two hooks the difference does not exceed two millimeters, but what the eye does not see, then feel the hands. Small amigurumi crochet souvenirs can be made from various yarns. Sometimes its importance is not its density, but its texture. And the fingers will feel the difference between the two tools, if one of them is more convenient.

Beginning of work

How to crochet a toy, if it’s already popular, what kind of yarn will it be? When buying yarn for toys, a beginner is guided by only one rule – that the yarn is liked. The master does not yet know what she will be in the job, but she may like the color and texture. The yarn can be woolly or frankly hairy, it can be matte and remind the wire, for example, if it is flax. Someone can draw a silky radiance of viscose or a shiny thread.

Knitted doll

In order to understand which crochet is easier to knit this type of fiber, it is worthwhile to have in the arsenal a complete set of hooks. If one of them is a little uncomfortable, then you can try a lot of small and feel that the work is comfortable. The first criterion for the hunter of needlework is the convenience of working in hands. After all, otherwise the work will not bring pleasure and will make you nervous.

However, it is worthwhile to know that if a small hook was chosen for this yarn, then the binding will be dense, covered. A large-diameter tool will create sparse knitting. Of course, already in the hands, these parameters can be further regulated and tightened more or less, but there is a certain limit for this, and this limit will establish the diameter of the hook. Crochet toys for beginners can resort to torture with the wrong hook selected.

For tiny figures, it’s better to grab the small size of the hook, but tighten the hinges moderately. If you tighten too much, then inevitably on small scrupulous works there will be one problem – the difficulty of poking a crochet plexus. Do not be so tormented. However, if you select a larger hook on the key, it will not happen either. The key ring should be dense, in a different way it will not be very beautiful and not very comfortable. And it needs to be packed tightly. Do not tighten and cushioning toys. The final look of the product will be different than shown in the photo, if you tighten the hinges tightly on large products. They can become much smaller than planned.

2 toys

How to stuff a toy

Knit crochet toys according to the scheme is convenient and not difficult. It is quite possible that the work will be done much earlier than expected. And here comes the long-awaited moment when almost ready-made animals need to be given volume. At this point, of course, there will be a question, but what will it be filled with? In no case should not look to the side of cotton wool, if sorry for their work. First, the cotton wool is caked and inside the toy is rammed into dense lumps. They after very obviously feel when you take a toy.

But this is not the only problem. Even before caking, it becomes obvious that cotton wool does not have the elasticity needed by a soft toy. It seems fluffy in the fingers, but if it is densely stuffed with a soft toy, it will not be so soft anymore. A small amount of cotton wool will not create a volume at all.

The cat is voluminous

In some cases, you can apply a loose filler. In production, these are polystyrene beads. At home, you can apply a simple cereal, such as buckwheat, rice, or peas. This is certainly not categorically applicable for vyuschih pillows or tiny souvenirs, but as a variant of stuffing for toys of medium size is quite a working idea.

Muras are a great option for a pillow. Fragrant grass with a healing aroma can be brought from wandering or bought in a ready-made pillow. Herbal pads recommend to the elderly to improve sleep. Their fragrance is very pleasant, it positively influences mood and improves well-being. You can stuff a mug with a medium-sized toy or a crocheted pillow. Such a product will always smell nice.

Also for medium and large products you can use sintepon. This is one of the most popular materials for this task. Because it can always be purchased inexpensively in any fabric store. For small toys and where there should be a lot of dense head, one sintepon is indispensable. For a long time the most successful version of the stuffing is foam rubber. To this day, he has not conceded to his palm the priority of stuffing a soft toy, as among all the listed materials he is the tightest. Crochet toys for beginners can become one of the most favorite pursuits. This colorful hobby captures everyone, from small to large.

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