Well you already know many of the diys look and various ideas which you have already tried for your indoor and outdoor areas. But still we tend to throw bottles because we find it quiet hard to diy it . And sometimes very lazy to showcase this ideas in the garden, so here is the relief which is quiet easy and quick for your outdoor ideas. Well it may take time but its quiet worth sharing because we literally don’t use much of the plastic bottles rather than drinking water. As you can diy for your indoor and outdoor areas with a creative look. Take a look.

Plastic house

Diys is mostly given various range of ideas from old items or given a best out of waste look, well now we are giving a you a new ideas for the outdoor look made from plastic. As you can see this one is giving a plastic bottles a unique ideas where you can simple make a house out of it.

Hanging garden

Well this one is showcasing a hanging garden ideas which you can showcase many bottles for the vertical plant ideas and it will surely inspire you for the garden areas.

Bird feeder

This one is quiet basic where if really want to give a different look for the bird feeding ideas, as you can go with this look, and it is quiet simple and basic for the look.

Planter ideas

Planter has showcased many ideas for the garden areas but when it comes to diy it you want quiet a range of ideas for the outdoor planter look. And this one is truly amazing.

Tik tok

Well this one is truly creative and very innovative for the indoor areas because a clock from the bottle top is really outstanding and it will enhance your indoor look.

Tray ideas

As you can see that bottle is top is quiet inspiring because first it has given a clock look and now it is giving a tray ideas and showcasing a subtle look. Well it is quiet fabulous for the diy indoor areas.

Cubical one

This one is fantastic because of the step by step look of the plastic things which is quiet inspiring and giving a cubical shape in glow look for the interior ideas.


Pathway has given many ideas from the pebbles to stone looks and from diy glass bottles look to wooden log look, well this one is truly interesting because it is showcasing a simple plastic bottle look for the pathway areas.

Water feature

Diy fountain has given an immense ideas and stunning look for the outdoor areas but this one is quiet simple and basic with a minimalist look. As you can see this water feature is giving a fountain look for the garden areas.

Raised garden

Raised garden has showcased different ideas for the outdoor look and this one is giving diy bottle raised bed look which will inspire you for the outdoor areas. And so these are the ideas which you can give to your backyard or garden look.

Room decor from waste plastic bottle

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