A beautiful application in the form of a butterfly looks great both as an individual picture and as part of an interior decoration or postcard. True, this is already a rather complex figure, so children in the junior group of the kindergarten are offered ready cut out patterns to decorate them with something.

In the older groups, however, the scope for creativity is much larger, and therefore – more new ideas for the embodiment. And for adults you can offer tissue applications – butterflies look equally good both on children’s and adult clothes, as well as on bags and backpacks.

Applique from geometric figures “Butterfly”

Geometric figures. This way any artworks are made, see how to produce butterflies only from geometric figures and with their partial use. For beginners who are introduced to figures, it is necessary to offer the simplest: For young children you can use simple forms:

For older children, you can combine a large number of figures:

Butterfly from children’s hands

Applications on the theme “My body” can be done in any group of preschool children – for example, in the youngest individual elements or trunk entirely from templates, and in the middle and older – more complex compositions.

This microscope is perhaps the simplest and is available to beginners. It is offered to cut out the palm on the contour with your own hands. The drawing is printed on sheets of colored paper and distributed to the kids.

Of course, just the palms carved according to the scheme, it’s not so interesting. But why not make a butterfly out of them, as shown in the photo, or another picture? Here you can trust the children’s imagination, because the palms are suitable for different compositions.

And here are a couple of useful ideas on this topic.

Volumetric application with Butterfly

In the kindergarten, the kids do not yet know how to do the appli- cation on their own, but the teacher is the only one at all. Therefore, it is best to prepare in advance, especially if you work in the middle group or in the younger group.

To understand what is meant here by preparation, familiarize yourself with the following master class on the theme “Butterfly”.

  • In terms of the number of children, it is necessary to print sheets with a butterfly contour. Or draw.
  • Cut out the stencil on the colored paper on its back side.

  • Cut out the cut shape, and the older child, for example, in the preparatory group, it is no longer difficult to draw small details yourself.
  • Draw a picture of simple figures on the wings of a butterfly.

  • Cut the colored napkins. For children it will be more interesting if they do not cut, and tear each napkin into a lot of thin patches.

  • Each piece must be rolled in the hands of balls – the more they are, the more airy will work.
  • Spread alternately every part of the butterfly, as soon as you spread it – stick the balls.
  • Let the child choose which colors to use.
  • Ready to use the application in a frame or as a postcard.

Even pre-schoolers can offer a collective work – it will look rich, even if the quality of butterflies will vary. For one lesson, make paper flowers with the children, the second – butterflies. Put everything in perfect composition!

A detachable appliqué from the colored paper “Butterfly”

One of the types of applications from geometric figures is a breakaway applique. The basis is taken ready (painted) picture, which must be pasted torn pieces of paper.

A small MK with step-by-step instructions on breaking equipment:

  • As you can see, you can draw with your own hands:

  • Tear the colored leaves – not too small, for the body and head have to cut the oval and the circle:
  • Put pieces on the wings in an arbitrary symmetrical pattern.
  • When the entire space of the wings is filled, draw eyes, circle a thin marker of the antennae, you can still circle the wings to look brighter.

Video: Bright 3D applique “Butterfly” on the wall

“Butterfly” applications of fabric

Of course, a butterfly made of cloth can be used in creating a picture or a postcard. But the best thing is if you put it on your jeans or purse. A skillfully made applique will give a completely different look to any clothes!

Boring monophonic T-shirt will turn into your favorite thing, and old jeans will have a second life. A gray baseball cap is not the best option for a girl, but if you decorate it with butterflies and rhinestones or beads, then such a hat will become the most fashionable. Any fabric, if it does not pour, will be an excellent material for the application: You can make the application somehow more interesting, as if the butterfly is sitting on your pocket, for example: Very beautiful products come out of felt, it is good in itself, but you can also add accessories take: Butterfly of ribbons in the style of Kanzash will be an amazing decoration for the pins:

Video: Butterfly made of cloth

Step-by-step schemes for the implementation of tissue applications you can see on the video, where talented masters generously share with all their unique experiences.

Applique from Butterfly Buttons

You can decorate a ready-made applique with anything, but if you do all the work from some … ornaments? This is even more unusual! It is not necessary to spread the symmetrical pattern: You can add rhinestones, half-beads, sequins, and much more to the buttons:

Video: Applique from paper and buttons “Butterfly”

Ideas for the application “Butterfly”
In order for the application to be voluminous, there are different ways. And each in its own way interesting and beautiful! In principle, without detailed instructions, it is clear how this is done, according to the photo.

Several identical elements (can be of slightly different size) are glued in the trunk region one on top of the other and bend the wings upward.

If the top element is executed in a different color and cut inside the patterns, you will get an openwork butterfly:

Of corrugated cardboard or folded accordion, too, will be a voluminous work:

A certain amount is achieved with the help of quilling:

Hope you like these different type butterfly kids craft ideas.