How to create a Bank (Saving Box) For Kids

Once, one clever Spanish artist named Picasso expressed his life position:
“I want to live like a poor man with money.” He managed it quite … And it is even possible that he kept his savings at home, in a casket or safe.
For, as another clever English writer Thomas Fuller said: “Money gives birth to money,” which in translation to everyday means “Money to money”!
And so today I want to offer a master class on creating a banknote, into which you can put these same money in different denominations in rubles and other foreign currency. Or instead of boring a paper envelope present “a gift” for a wedding, anniversary or birthday.

Materials and tools:

  • banknotes or casket;
  • primer or acrylic paint;
  • mosaic ceramic or glass;
  • nippers for mosaic or conventional;
  • glue, tweezers;
  • grout for seams;
  • palette knife or spatula;
  • sponge, dry cloth.

Procedure For Bank For Kids

Prepare the desired sketch for decorating the surface in advance. It is better to start with a not too complicated drawing.
Master Class

Prime the surface. You can use any color for the ground. Leave until completely dry.

bumperown hands

Pencil the desired drawing on the banknote.


Prepare the mosaic according to the picture. You can also use beads, beads, pebbles, buttons and other elements for the decor to your taste.

author's work

Start gluing the mosaic from the edge of the box, leaving small gaps, about 2 mm. If the edges of the product are rounded off, bite off the size you need. When the whole figure is assembled into a single whole, set it aside until the glue dries completely.



Prepare the grout, according to the instructions. Then apply a palette knife or rubber spatula on the surface of the workpiece. Work confidently, filling all the seams with grouting and removing excess. The approximate setting time of the grout is about 30 minutes.


Remove excess with a damp sponge.

Then wipe it gently with a dry cloth.

Finish work on the bills: paint it inside and outside with acrylic paint and cover with acrylic lacquer.

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