Every time with the approach of the next birthday of your baby, I want to give him such a gift that he was not only original, but, if possible, made with his own hands, as all love and soul will be invested in such a gift. If you know how to handle knitting needles, then we suggest that you learn how to knit soft toys in the form of little animals. In this article, the process of knitting a toy chanterelle and a melange bear cub will be considered, as a birthday present.

Foxes with knitting needles for birthday

For work you will need a yarn made entirely of acrylic. You will need such colors: orange, white and black. Still need sintepon and knitting needles at number 2.

The first thing you need to knit the head of the product. To do this, dial twelve orange buttonholes on the spokes and knit the faces. Chap., making additions in each second row of seven loops three times. After that, run eight lanes in a straight line. Further, make a reduction in each 2 p. on three buttonholes, until you have four links left.

Now you need to tie the trunk. You also need to string twelve links of orange yarn and perform the faces. Ch. with the addition of seven loops in each second strip three times. Then you need to perform 4 r. in a straight line. Central 5 pt. White, and the rest again orange. Do a reduction on both sides of the new stripes on one buttonhole five times. Run six straight lines again.

For ears need a white thread. From it you need to dial eight links and knit people. Ch. in the amount of 8 p. straight, and then do the reduction from two sides of each second row of one point three times. Connect the other side of the tab with orange threads similarly. The tail must be knit with the same threads as the head of the toy. String 20 links and knit twenty-four straight strips. After that, put into operation the white color, making the reduction on both sides in every second p. one point at a time, until you have only four things left to close. The hind legs are made of 12 p. persons. smooth, having dialed 10 p. Front knits from fourteen stripes of persons. smooth, starting with eight buttonholes.


Fill all blanks with a sintepon and make sutures around the edges. On the head should be embroidered nose, mouth and eyes, and then sew the ears. Sew all the other work pieces to the trunk. Such a birthday present is sure to please your child. And perhaps, that the product will become his favorite toy for sleeping.

Gift teddy with knitting needles

Another toy can also become a wonderful birthday present. She will replenish your baby’s collection. Prepare for work the melange yarn, two beads, spokes and a hook under number 2 and sintepon.

Knitting begins with the head of a bear cub. String ten points performing l. Ch. From the first to the eleventh r. make eight-point increases in each person. band. Starting from the thirteenth and the twenty-first r. – Work in a straight line. From the twenty-third to the thirty-third, reduce the item by seven pieces. The buttonholes that are left on the spoke need to be closed in any way known to you. The teddy bear’s crochet crochets. To do this, make a chain of four air links, and then in a circle run 3 r. columns without crochets, adding at the turn three points after that 3 r. knit straight.


A black thread connects a spout of four air n. Then connect the work piece into a ringlet. The trunk is done very simply. You just need to dial 20 points and knit l. the surface of eighteen rubles, and at the end close the buttonholes. To make the hind legs, dial twenty points and again perform a nail. From the first to the third r. perform the addition. Then from 4 to 8 r. again l. smooth surface. Starting at 9 and 13 r. knit according to this pattern: the central four stitches are tied over two joint pieces face. Until 19 r. knit the canvas straight. At the end, close the links. The second part of the trunk is performed similarly. The feet are made of 16 p. l. smoothly, having dialed 12 points. As in the previous birthday present, make the filling of the blanks with a sintepon and perform lateral seams, with the subsequent sewing of all the details to the trunk.

Such a gift can be tied up literally in one day, and you will have time to present it to your birthday.


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