The study of quilling allows people to discover a new mysterious world. And though everything is made of paper from it, it does not become less beautiful and charming.

Today we will reveal a veil of secrecy and tell you about quilling of mice. We hope that after studying our master classes, you can make a mouse that hid in the reeds or ate a piece of cheese.

Mouse for the kid

Many children, just like adults, are fond of quilling. Yes, of course, novice masters manage to twist not all crafts. But, the kids are trying very hard, and that’s why we will hold a small step-by-step lesson specifically for small paper dealers! In order to make such a mouse you will need:

  • A sheet of paper or cardboard that will become the background of the future
  • picture;
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • toothpick;
  • cut strips of dark blue, red and yellow paper.
    Scheme of work. Draw a sketch of the future picture. Take a strip of blue and roll it into a loose roll. This will be the trunk of the mouse. Glue it to the base of the picture. Form another free roll and give it a droplet shape. Attach the resulting blank in place of the head. That is, over the trunk of the mouse.

Twist the same tight yellow helix with a toothpick 2 and glue one of them from below the trunk of the mouse and the other from the side. Attach the red nose to the head in the form of a tight roll. At the top, glue the two ears from the small free spiral.

The mouse is ready! The resulting picture can be supplemented with reeds or wheat stalks, in which the mouse will hide.

A couple of simple ideas for paper and paper:

Mouse with spikelet

Another mouse, about which we would like to tell you, sits on a spikelet. Storing a mouse prepares for a cold winter and collects the grains:

To produce a resourceful mouse, you need to prepare the following materials and tools:

  • a tool for twisting;
  • bright yellow, black, gray and pink cut paper strips;
  • PVA glue;
  • the basis for the picture.
    Torsion instruction. First, we make the spikelets on which the mouse sits. It will require stripes of bright yellow color. The first strip should be mentally divided in half. Then one half should be folded 2 times, give it the shape of an elongated droplet and fix it with glue. This part can be glued to the picture right away.

After that, twist 9 free rolls. They are given the shape of the eye. They need to be attached to the spikelet. Now you can proceed to the formation of the figure itself. For the body we twist a large free spiral and give it the shape of the eye. To the body attach 2 small tight spirals replacing the nose and the eye. At the back we paste the tail. Ears are made double like in the photo: gray-pink. For each eyelet, first screw the pink tape onto the special tool, then the gray one. After this, attach the resulting spiral droplet shape.

A mouse with a piece of cheese
All people know that mice adore cheese. Therefore, there is nothing surprising in the fact that mice are often depicted next to cheese.

In this small MK, we want to tell you about how to make a mouse in cheese. For work you will need:

  • paper stripes;
  • glue;
  • black and red stained-glass paint;
  • templates;
  • yellow colored paper;
  • twisting tools;
  • different in size coin;
  • scissors;
  • pencil.
    A detailed lesson. To make a mouse in cheese, you must first make a piece of cheese. Fold a sheet of yellow paper, so that the same triangle is obtained as in the photo. Pay special attention to the fact that on one side of the future cheese left a small allowance. This indentation is needed to gently glue the part. Unfold the paper and, attaching to it coins of different sizes, circle them with a pencil.

Cut out with scissors, the resulting circles. So you can make holes in the cheese. Glue the triangle from the quilling. Twist the bright yellow ribbons into spirals and attach them to the sides of the cheese:

When a piece of cheese is ready, you can go to the creation of the mouse. First of all you will need to make the trunk of the mouse. The body of the mouse consists of 2 spirals of pink and gray color:

Torso for a mouse can be twisted with the help of an officer’s ruler or a conventional toothpick. Using the ruler, you can choose the size of rolls you need. The head of the mouse consists of a tightly twisted roll with an elongated spiral inserted into the middle:

The paws are tight rolls, the tail is a half-opened spiral, the ears are tight spirals with a triangular shape. All parts are fixed with glue. The mouth and eyes of the mouse are painted with stained glass. The ready mouse must be planted in cheese.

A mouse with cheese can be made in any style. It is not necessary to adhere to the traditional color scheme. You can quite a bit experiment and make a fabulous mouse of unusual color. The main thing is to master the technique of twisting and then any idea will easily come true!

Photo master classes “How to twist the mouse” in different ways

Video master class on making Miki and Mini Mouse
To make with your own hands a mouse from paper tapes you can also view a small training video. In this clip, it is shown in stages how to make the most famous mouse – Mickey Mouse! At first glance, it is not so easy to accomplish, but in fact, this task is possible even for beginners skilled workers!

Crafts To Encourage Creativity Among Kids

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