How to make crochet bag

In my bag you will need:
❀ least 4 skeins of your favorite colors of yarn Ribbon XL
(3 different colors needed to not two flowers of the same color will end up next to each other)
❀ 2 bag handles
❀ Crochet hook 10mm
❀ needle assembly

You will need:
❀ Ribbon XL
❀ Crochet hook 10mm

❀ Make a magic ring with 5 dc.
❀ Close the ring with 1 sl st in first dc = 6 dc ( one for each petal ).
❀ Cut your yarn and change color.

❀ Chain 4 into any dc = first tr. Into the Same stitch 4 tr, than pull up the loop, remove hook, put hook in the fifth ch (from your first ch 5) and pull loop through bothering stitches. (Now you have made your first puffy flower petal).
❀ Chain 2.
❀ * Work 5 tr into the next stitch. Pull up the loop, remove hook, put hook in the first tr and pull loop through, chain 2 *. Repeat Between the s * Until You Have 6 petals.
❀ Join with sl st. Cut the yarn but save 10-12 inches for later on When You are going to sew your flowers together, side by side.