International Women’s Day is a celebration celebrated in many countries of the world. And in some countries such as Russia and Ukraine, this holiday is public and not working. Traditionally on the day of March 8 of each year, all men congratulate their women and give them flowers with gifts. For the first time International Women’s Day became a state in the USSR, back in 1965. Continuing the theme of beading, we want to offer you several ideas for creating wonderful handmade gifts from beads. Such souvenirs will remain for a long time not only in memory, but will also give their beauty every day.

Weaving an openwork rose
Such a rose from beads is performed in the technique of loop weaving, which allows you to create various shapes and types of the product. And this means that you are able to invent and model crafts yourself.

To create a gift for International Women’s Day, you will need the following list of materials:

  • Beads of such colors as pink, light pink and emerald;
  • one bead;
  • wire braid;
  • green ribbon for floristry;
  • copper wire;
  • scissors with pliers.
    Weaving the gift of bead work begins with petals. For the first, dial eleven light, nine pink and one more eleven light glass, and then make a loop. To perform the weaving of the next buttonhole, you need to string the beads in such a sequence: twelve light, eleven pink and again twelve light ones. Twist the same loop. A new work piece is made in exactly the same way and in such a sequence, only the number of elements of each color is equal to thirteen. For framing a petal it is necessary to string thirteen light and ten pink glass. Then you need to go through the last bead and tighten the product.

String six pink stuff and walk through the last bead that is at the top of the buttonhole. That is, you must move along the created petal and weave in six elements. Completing the weave petal, dial 10 roses again, 13 light beads, and then lower them down to twist the two ends of the wire.

When you finish making the first work piece, start to weave the same. It is necessary to create an additional three petals of a slightly larger size, adding three buttonholes to the weaving. After this, you should put on a thick wire one bead, which will be the core of the rose. Begin to wind the bead with ready-made petals, doing this in turn from the smallest in size. When you finish this stage of the master class, give the petals a beautiful shape, leveling them.

Now you can move on to the weaving of the sepals. String twenty-three beads of emerald color on the wire and twist the loop. The next buttonhole should consist of 33 elements, and the last of 23 items. The sepal needs to be stitched in the direction indicated by the orange dots in the presented photo. Next, make a seam, connecting the buttonhole, and then the next until you complete 5 stitches. In addition, scroll the wire near the edge for a more secure attachment and cut the tips. To make a beautiful rose for the International Women’s Day, you will need only 3 such sepals, which are attached to the base of the flower.

Take the ribbon for floristry and wrap it around the trunk of the product. Now a touching gift for mom or grandmother is completely ready. You can additionally weave a few more roses of different colors and make a surprisingly bright bouquet.

Festive mimosa of beads

Mimosa is considered an unspoken symbol of the International Women’s Day. We suggest you to weave this flower from beads with a simple master class. To do this, you need the following material:

  • yellow and green beads;
  • procrastination;
  • green threads of a floss;
  • A small stand, for example an empty container from under the cream;
  • solution of gypsum.

Now we begin the next stage of the master class, namely the weaving of the leaves. Take a length of fifty centimeters and collect on it six emerald glass. Arrange them in the center, and then with one tip of the main material, enter bead, skipping the first one. After that, dial as many elements into two ends and again go through everything, skipping the first one. Connect the two edges and type three beads on them. Spend a few more such manipulations, until you have five branches on both sides of the workpiece.

It remains only to collect all the elements in one bunch of mimosa. Connect the flowers and leaves together, twisting the whole piece with wire and green threads of a mulina. There should be only five branches of a mimosa.

Then pour the gypsum solution into the jar from under the cream and put in the finished product. In a few hours, when the gypsum dries, you can give a gift. Such an original and simple in execution souvenir will be very popular with the female half of your family during the celebration of the International Women’s Day.

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