I present to your attention my master class on felting “Flower Ranunculus”. So, we need: wool of three colors (pink, white and green), pimply film, hot soap solution, gelatin, scissors.

flower-broochThin strands horizontally lay out the green wool, forming a strip.

Just lay out white wool, extending the strip somewhere in 1 meter.

ranunculusThen lay out the vertical strands, too thin!


Hot soapy pour in the middle of this strip.

We cover with a free edge of a pimpled film and we impregnate all the wool.

Accurate movements three on the surface of the film for 5-7 minutes.

Open the film and form the edge of the strip, bending the wool inside the strip on all sides.

That’s how it should turn out.

Then again cover with the edge of a pimpled film and three along the surface along a strip of minutes 10.

Now take the scissors and begin to cut out the leaves, trying to make smaller ones first, and then more and more.

That’s how it should turn out.

Also we form one more strip, white-pink. All the same.

All the same, but you need to cut it here in a different way. Form the leaves on both sides.

Next, we take the soap, the basin with hot water and start to play.

Carefully put the strip on the palm and circular movements of the second palm roll along the entire length of the strip.

The entire procedure will take about 20 minutes, for each strip of 10 minutes.

But you need to do this carefully and as if with pressure on the palm.

After both strips are filled up, it is necessary to cheat them! Dilute the solution – half a teaspoon of gelatin into a glass of boiling water, stir, dissolve and give a little cool. Both strips are dipped into gelatin and soaked with a spoon.

Nastaginili, pulled out, pressed with a towel, and now you need to wrap the leaves correctly.

We turn the green-white strip so. The middle of the edge extends to the middle of the leaf.

And the pink in half bend like this.

Well and further it is simple: we twist all over again one strip – green-white.

Here I twisted one, and then I twist the second strip, white and pink.

Like this.

While the leaves are still wet, in gelatin, correct as you like, and form your flower, then put it on the surface (I have this plate) and in the sun for 2-3 hours. Dry it, you can sew a bead in the center and stamens.

The flower is sewn on the reverse side with threads, passing the needle from the center to the edges and collecting all the circles.

So it turns out.

If you want to make it even bigger, make 3 stripes. Another pink one. Not so difficult as it seems, try 🙂

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