I cherish influencing home stylistic theme to out of old stuff or things I’m prepared to toss in the rubbish. It’s an awesome method to reuse and spend less cash on the home style I require, similar to this DIY bloom vase! Everything conveys me one bit nearer to a wonderful objective of mine: to leave greener consistently.

Next time you’re prepared to down a plastic jug, consider influencing something valuable to out of it, something as basic and convenient as a DIY bloom vase. This container blossom vase is a simple, super speedy and cheap venture and looks incredible loaded with quite, brilliant blooms.

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We are used with consuming soft drinks. The actual problem starts when we think of disposing of the same. We all know that burning plastics cause pollution. Then what could be done? Here I will give you a wonderful idea to re-use your  plastic bottle. I will show you how to make a flower vase from plastic bottle. Go through the pictures and follow the directions.


Take a soft drink bottle and cut its neck. Cut the upper portion into thin cuts and spread it as in the picture.



Fold the pieces as shown in the picture. Complete all side.




Now look, here is a wonderful flower vase which you can make out of a plastic bottle. Try it and share the result.


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