Matchstick craft ideas for kids can develop their imagination. These matchstick craft ideas for kids can help them to develop different shapes and patterns. Kids can learn fast and easily if some fun and creativity involves in their teaching and learning process. Teachers and parents always look for the tools and methodologies which can help them to attract kids for studies. If you are one of those teachers and parents, matchstick craft ideas for kids can help you a lot.

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Here is a strange method to influence star to divider stylistic layout with consumed coordinate sticks, you can gather the sticks on the off chance that you utilize coordinate frequently. For the headings of the star, first you need to draw or print a star format (You can discover the layout straightforwardly here) on a clear bit of paper; follow the example on cardboard and cut the shape, draw the lines rising up out of its inside to all the six internal pointed edges. At that point consume, blow and cool the matchsticks and expel any abundance fiery debris from the tips. Beginning from the inside paste 6 matchsticks framing a star-burst like example. At that point fill every part with consumed matchsticks and cut the matchsticks for length alterations if fundamental. Hold up till the paste dries and it’s prepared.

Matchstick star, sounds good. isn’t it? Matchboxes are commonly found and are an inevitable thing in your kitchen. You can make a lot of varieties and beautiful craft. Also of matches you can make beautiful decorative pattern or volume crafts such as houses, cars, and so on. Patience and time, of course, require a lot, but the results can exceed all your expectations.


We will make a decorative star out of burned match sticks here. To make the star, as a beginning, we will draw the star pattern on a white paper.


Then transfer the pattern on a thick cardboard, which in consequence will paste matches. Before you start, you need to prepare the matchsticks. To do this, light a match and hold it at a slight angle, rolling between the fingers so as to create a smooth charred edge.



Apply glue on the layout and fix the matchsticks on it.


Look at the picture carefully. Fixing of matchsticks should be done very carefully.



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Look, your matchstick star is ready to get hanged. It’s so pretty.


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