Ruffled Satin Valentine Heart: Today, I’m jumping into some a little Valentine’s Day excitement. These hearts are easy and inexpensive…and oh, so cute! ?

Supplies You Need:

  • Heart shaped wreath forms
  • Pink satin {I got 1/4 yard of hot pink satin on sale at Hobby Lobby}
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine {you could probably make this work by hand, if you’re incredibly patient}
  • Pink thread
  • Glue gun & glue sticks

Cut three 1 1/2″ wide strips {selvage to selvage} of satin.

I love the elegance of satin!

Then sew the strips end to end with right sides together so you have one really long strip of satin. Easy peasy!

With your sewing machine on the widest stitch setting {mine’s a 4}, sew all the way down the middle of the fabric.

Leave extra thread at the end of the strip when you finish sewing. Then start loosely gathering up the fabric. This process takes a little time and patience. Be careful not to pull the thread too hard because if the thread breaks you’ll have to start over with a new seam. {ask me how I know! ha!}

Soon you will have a beautiful, ruffled strip of pink satin.

Then begin hot gluing and wrapping the ruffles to your heart wreath form. I loosened the gathers as I glued them down, to make sure I would have enough to cover the entire wreath. It worked out perfectly!

Isn’t it glamorous? A little romantic? Just perfect for Valentine’s Day!

I also made a smaller, light pink heart.

And two ruffled balls. . .using the same concept!  Aren’t they fun?

Have you thought about decorating for Valentine’s Day yet?