DIY How to make Paper Windmill For Kids: A pinwheel toy made of paper is a simple handicraft for children. Such a toy many can remember from childhood. Paper turntables are associated with carnival, festivities. And today a rare children’s holiday does without carnival attributes.

A disposable paper turntable is made elementary, and how much fun it brings! In the manufacture of toys will not require special skills, and the cost is several times lower than the purchase. Such a paper toy like a kid, and older children. Windmills of different colors can be used for registration of photo sessions, weddings and birthdays.

A universal hand-crafted article! Now, in order of the process.

You will need

  • Long stick
  • Colorful scotch
  • Button
  • Paper dense
  • Markers
  • Candle transparent
  • Paint black

Procedure for Paper Windmill

  1. Dense paper color colored markers.
  2. Rub with clear wax.
  3. Cover with black gouache and allow to dry (the process can be speeded up by drying the picture with a hair dryer) 4. Scratch the colored stains.
  4. Cut the sheet at the corners, make holes with a hole punch.
  5. Collect the turntable on the button, the “brush” and the wand.
  6. Decorate the wand with scotch tape.

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