Everyone who is a fan of football, and just keen on this famous game, this article will be useful and entertaining. It offers schemes and templates for the production of a football from the paper with your own hands.

Interesting to know! Currently, football is the most popular and popular sport in the world. The purpose of this mobile game is to score the ball into the opponent’s goal, in other words – the goal. Play football with a special soccer ball, which has a spherical shape. Parameters in the professional game are governed by the basic rules of the game of football.

Souvenir ball of paper

We suggest together with children to make a voluminous homemade football. Of course, with such an attribute you can not arrange professional duels and even yard competitions, but as an original souvenir, such an article will have to come in handy.

Usual balls for football are made from genuine leather or synthetic materials of high quality. Homemade same ball will not be so durable, however, from the souvenir option is not required. We offer to glue the original paper craft.

Using the master class to produce a paper attribute, you will not be disappointed in the result. You will get an exact copy of the soccer ball. You can choose the size of your craft yourself – just increase or decrease the size of the template.

Necessary materials for crafts

To make a paper ball you will need the following:

  • a few dense sheets of white paper (the cardboard will not work!);
  • a pair of sheets of orange (blue or black) color;
  • PVA glue;
  • a bit of cardboard (for making templates);
  • scissors;
  • ruler;
  • a simple pencil and an eraser.

Step-by-step description of the work progress

  • Draw on the cardboard 2 figures: a hexagon and a pentagon. The distance between the opposite corners of the hexagon should be 9 cm, and the pentagon – 7.5 cm. Cut out the patterns along the contour.
  • After the templates are cut, attach them to the paper and draw the required number of parts. On white paper, you need to draw 20 hexagons, and on the color – 12 pentagons. After all the details have been drawn, use a ruler to draw additional lines around each figure, deviating a distance of 1 cm from the main contours.
  • Next, use scissors to cut out all the details (on the second contour) and make additional incisions in each corner.
  • Fold the edges inward.
  • After that you can proceed directly to the assembly of the model. To make the ball turn round, you must adhere to the basic requirement: around each colored pentagon should be located 5 white hexagons. First, you can lay out the details on the table (flat surface), and then start to glue them together.

  • Continue to glue white and colored parts in the established order.
  • After you paste the last detail, you get a real ball! When preparing templates of the specified sizes, a paper souvenir is obtained even of identical diameter with a real football attribute.

Simplified version of soccer ball

A round ball can be made not only from a large number of paper blanks, but also from a cut out suggested scheme. To make a round craft in this way is even faster and easier. The only condition is the availability of copying equipment (printer).

Print out the scheme of the ball on the white paper on the printer:

You can choose as a scheme with already drawn black pentagons, and completely white. In place of the central parts, you can paste carved pentagons of any color you like.

It is worth noting that the size of the finished craft directly depends on the size of the printed circuit. If you want to increase the size of the ball, then the printed material should be increased several times. And vice versa: for a small ball it will be enough to have a scheme on an ordinary A4 sheet.

Next, you need to carefully cut the part along the contours and bend the inside of the place, designed for gluing. With the help of PVA glue (suitable and glue-pencil) glue one common volumetric detail – the ball.

A copy of this football attribute will be excellent for friends and football fans. A paper volumetric piece will decorate a children’s room and a teenage corner.

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