How fun and fervently to launch paper boats, run after them along the creek and feel like a captain of long voyage. We suggest recalling our childhood and making ships, ships and even airliners by our own hands!

Option 1. Paper boat

The proposed version of the swimming means from paper will be interesting not only for adults, but also for children. It is best if you do the work with the child in 2 copies (one by yourself, showing each step in turn, another child, repeating your actions).

First, prepare 2 album sheets. Newsprint paper will not work, as it will quickly get wet from the impact of water (it can be trained on, and the handicraft itself is better made of more dense paper). Cardboard is also not suitable for making this boat, as it will take many times to bend small fragments, which, using cardboard in work, is not so easy to do.

Putting the sheet in front of you (landscape orientation), we start to work:

  • We fold in half.
  • Fold the resulting part in the middle and turn it back. This is necessary to
  • obtain the midline.
  • Angles are folded to the fold line and join together.
  • Under the bent corners a thin rectangle forms. It should be wrapped over corners.
  • We turn the workpiece and do the same with the rectangle on the opposite side.
  • Next, open the workpiece from the inside, connecting the opposite corners. It turns out a square detail.
  • One of the corners is bent upwards on one side. We do the same with a different angle.
  • After that, again, as if revealing the resulting triangle from below, we get a smaller rhombus. Carefully pull the upper corners in different directions to deploy the boat.

Now you can offer the child to decorate with felt-tip pens or decorate the deck of the ship, pasting stickers. Having made several such handicrafts, boldly arrange competitions for the fastest boat, floating along a stream or a small river.

Option 2. A ship made of cardboard

The proposed version of a paper ship is most likely not suitable for playing in the water, but it will surely decorate the children’s room. To a child of junior school age independently to make such model will be difficult, therefore offer him the help.

Necessary materials and tools:

  • dense cardboard;
  • wooden stick and 2 skewers (toothpicks);
  • a small piece of twine;
  • fabric for sails;
  • simple pencil, ruler (better iron), black marker (felt-tip pen);
  • adhesive gun;
  • stationery knife;
  • a piece of styrofoam (if not, then you can use an eraser or plasticine).
    Important! Before work, conduct instruction on work with a stationery knife, warn the child that this is a cutting object, with careless and inattentive work with which you can get cuts and long healing injuries.

Step-by-step execution instruction:

  • First of all, print out the ship’s templates on the printer (the size of the craft will depend on the selected scale of the printed parts).
  • Transfer the templates to the cardboard (you can paste the printed sheet or outline the cut out templates).
  • Cut out cardboard parts with a clerical knife. That the lines were smooth and for the convenience of cutting use the iron ruler in work.
  • Gluing the pistol first glue the ship’s sides.
  • Attach the bottom to the side details.
  • Now proceed to manufacture the hold. To do this, we take a rectangular piece of cardboard, the width of which coincides with the width of the ship, and the length is equal to the distance from the back wall to the place where the windows end, plus the height from the row of windows to the bottom. We bend this part (measure the height from the bottom to the windows).
  • Prepared a wooden stick is inserted into a piece of foam plasticine (plasticine).
    The cardboard rectangle is glued to the rear wall of the boat (we glue all the joints).
  • Near the resulting bridge captain we attach the mast.
  • To the vertical mast with the adhesive gun fix in the horizontal position 2 toothpicks. For beauty we tie the joints with twine.
  • From the fabric we make a sail and tie it to the mast.
  • To make the model look more natural, from the side we draw circles-portholes, from a small rectangle of cardboard we make an imitation of the ladder.

The ship is ready! Now your young sailor can safely go on a round-the-world trip!

Option 3. Of the waste material

Cardboard boxes from juice and milk are most often sent to the trash can. But you can make excellent crafts from them. In this case, we propose to execute a boat model.

It will take a box of juice, a stationery knife, colored markers, a wooden skewer, a color scrap and plasticine (for securing the mast to the bottom of the ship). We cut out the rectangle-hatch from above, round the portholes – from the side. Color the ship trust the children – they will do it with great enthusiasm. The sail can be made both from fabric and from colored paper, the mast from the cocktail tube.

Even the photo shows that making a ship out of the box will not cause much embarrassment. It’s enough just to show sharpness and to approach this matter creatively.

Option 4. Viking ship

Children of school age offer to glue a ship of Vikings. Undoubtedly, such work will please not only boys, but young ladies who will be able to apply their creative endeavors in decorating the vessel.

Required materials:

  • scissors (with blunt ends);
  • a cardboard box (a box with a double cardboard is required);
  • wrapping paper (for decoration);
  • PVA glue;
  • a few toothpicks or a piece of wire.

Gluing from the parts of the ship’s frame.

Decorate the joints with colored paper with patterns.
Attach the glued front part to the front of the frame.
Inside the boat paste the strips of cardboard (shop).
To make a sail from a packing paper and to string it on a skewer (a small piece of a wire).
To stick a sail (through an average bench).
From the toothpicks make the oars.

Finish the ship decorate the patterns and symbols of the Vikings, as well as put inside the figures of sailors. Children with interest will play such self-made toys, arrange sea fights, compete.

Option 5. Large ships

To impress your child and make an individual toy under the power of any dad. No kid will refuse to feel like a pirate or a brave conqueror of the seas and oceans, having such a model of the ship.

It is not at all difficult to make a cardboard ship. Suitable for this large cardboard boxes (from household appliances), plywood and the desire to please your child.

Every master will choose the principle of assembly for himself. And inspiration can be gleaned from the numerous samples of ships shown in the photo.

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