Develop dexterity, speed of reaction and coordination is necessary even in early childhood. It is best to do this unobtrusively, in the process of the game. On the shelves of specialized shops and the Internet, you can find a lot of adaptations and sports equipment for classes with children. But not always parents have professional knowledge on the use of a particular device, and prices often deter an average buyer. Quite often, the children themselves refuse to engage in and use professional tools in the game. Then the savvy and creative approach of loving parents comes to the rescue. After all, for lessons with kids it is not necessary to use professional equipment – for young children suitable devices made by themselves.

For the development of the above skills, such a toy as bilboquet can not be better. Playing with bilbok requires players attention, perseverance. In the process, the dexterity and the eye are trained.

The toy itself is a ball (a round part), which is attached with a lace to a stick or bowl. The player should throw the ball and catch it in the bowl or on the sharp end of the stick. You can play both independently and in a team. Coming up with new game conditions, you can have fun and usefully spend time outdoors or a lively class in kindergarten.

To make bilboke it is possible from the improvised material. We offer you to familiarize yourself with the various master classes on the manufacture of this device.

Bilboque made of paper cone
For work, prepare a landscape sheet of paper, colored pencils (paints, wax crayons, markers), adhesive tape, glue, scissors, thread and a wooden or plastic bead.

Making a toy will not cause any difficulties, but the child’s help will be useful. Joint work, as you know, brings together and develops a trusting relationship. The kid will be pleased that he was entrusted with at least simple, but such important functions.

Phased manufacturing

  • Color a sheet of paper with the child. It’s better, if they are not thematic pictures, but colorful geometric figures, flowers, stripes, etc.
  • Fold the painted sheet into the cone and fix with glue the edges so that the workpiece does not untwist.
  • Scissors trim the edges from the top.
  • Bead or ball with a through hole to string on a tight thread.
  • Fold the ends of the thread in half and use adhesive tape to glue to the inside of the cone.

The toy is ready! Now you can exercise not only in the development of coordination of movements, but also ingenuity and perseverance.

Bilboque from a plastic bottle

The advantage of a toy from recycled material is not only budget savings, but also the possibility of using creative approach and imagination during work.

Necessary materials:

  • plastic bottle;
  • scissors;
  • plastic egg from the kinder surprise;
  • an awl (a thick needle or knitting needle);
  • self-adhesive color paper.

The process of making a toy does not take long. You can make all the main blanks and details, and entrust the process of decorating to children. The child will play with great interest precisely with that toy, for the creation of which he used his talents.

Prepare the bottle: rinse from the inside, remove labels and residual glue from the top.
In the lid with a red-hot awl make a through hole. Insert the end of the thread and tie a few knots. Make sure that the nodules are larger than the hole made, otherwise during the game the thread may pop out.
In one part of the case from the kinder, make a similar hole and thread the other end of the thread. Tie a strong knot.
Screw the lid on the neck of the bottle.
To avoid the possibility of injuring yourself on the sharp edge of the cropped bottle during the game, glue it with adhesive tape or self-adhesive paper. You can also hold for a few seconds over the fire – sharp edges will melt and not be dangerous.
Further decoration of the toy depends on your imagination and children’s preferences. The photo shows some options for decorating bilbock.

If you make a bee or butterfly from the kinder, then the cropped bottle can be decorated with honeycomb or carved flowers. For space enthusiasts, you can make an airplane or a rocket from a plastic egg, and paste stars, planets, and sun on a bottle.

Toy from a disposable cup

A game with a self-made bilbo can be organized in a matter of minutes. To produce the device you will need disposable cups, threads and candies. One end of the thread should be attached to the base (cup). This can be done using scotch tape. The second end of the thread is tied to a candy wrapper and start the game!

Depending on the age and abilities of the child, adjust the length of the thread. First, try it yourself, how difficult or easy it is to get the ball into the bowl, and then offer the toy to the kids. You can play for a while or on the number of successful shots.

No less exciting is the game with bilboke and in the adult company. But in this case it is necessary to increase several times the length of the thread.\

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